Who does the CAD for Fallout:WW?

Apologies if this has been covered, but who does the CAD/sculpting for the game? I cannot find anything listed on the packaging and was curious if they run the game models through a CAD program or whatnot.

Not sure exactly but I would maybe check out What Is Modiphius Entertainment?. I believe Jonny La Trobe-Lewis and Joana are doing a lot of the 3d modeling for FWW. There may be others as well, sorry if I left them out.

We have a talented group of in house sculptors including Jonny and Joana as noted below.
We also have a handful of freelancers for certain things.

We don’t use Bethesda game assets as product (its far from fit for purpose) but we do use them as reference and sizing comparisons.

So, the models are all made from the ground up, but we will take engine assets to compare to.

Any game model will be missing loads of information/geometry that is added at the texture/bumpmap stage, plus the scale won’t work, as you shrink things down, you have to make things bigger, so you would otherwise end up with tiny guns/heads and detail that is too small to cast/read.