Radstag Base Size

I hope this isn’t a spoiler, but in Into the Wasteland there is a new unit added: the Radstag! I didn’t see any guidance on what size of base to use for this “model” - my assumption would be Super Mutant / Power armor sized, but not as big as a Deathclaw. I was hoping to get official confirmation before making a token, though.

Unsure if you’ll get an official response, but thanks for the sneak peek :wink: I’d go with 40mm bases (SM/PA) size to start with. Got some 3D printed models myself, so good to know they’ll be official soon!

Yeha, its going to be either 40mm or 50mm depending on how the sculpt pans out and its not going to be for a while (we have other creatures in the pipe first). So, stick with 40mm for now until the official sculpt is ready.

ITW contains some options that are not yet models for sure, some of them are sneaky peeks though…

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@Modiphius-Jon Looking forward to the mini! Though I imagine it’s a nightmare trying to get any physical products made with the pandemic at the moment, so don’t worry if it takes a while. Hope everyone at Modiphius is safe and well :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

We are doing ok… the bigger issue is logistics and freight… luckily that’s not my dpt.

Sculpting and production in the UK is not too badly affected, but rules and cards are the snag as they come from overseas.

But we soldier on.


Thanks for the response!

The production of minis is done in the UK?

I always thought that’s done in Chin. Nothing against Modiphius, it’s just that almost everything is made in China nowadays.

Nope, all our resin is poured in the UK.

Plastics (the PVC starter and the ES plastic figures) are done in China as there are very few places in the UK that do it (and they are quite booked up) but we have our own team of resin makers in the UK.

Same for our metal minis.


It’s on the boxes, made in the UK. One more reason I’m proud to support Modiphius

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