Plastic vs Resin


would love to see a model comparision of plastic vs resin models/sprues. There are some reviews of plastic models on the internet but could not find any resin ones. Any chance getting one before the preorders end?

It’s in the plan, but with the lockdown and skeleton staffing it might be a little while. We do have some shots, but the quality of my phone camera isn’t going to give you any better idea! What we really want to do is get some properly lit and shot comparisons and our studio staff input on the comparisons.

Apparently me saying “they all look great!” is neither objective opinion nor useful evaluation…

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Looking forward to seeing them!

I would like to see them as well. I preordered the hard plastic without paying attention to the product details that mention only resin models have the pre-made basing. But both the plastic and resin models have the same basing shown on their respective buy pages…so what are we looking at there? Is that the basing for the resin miniatures or is that just custom basing done by whoever painted the figures?

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I have the hard plastic on order - but am wondering if I should have gone Resin. Not sure why there are so few videos on this game. Hopefully you’ll send out kits to generate some buzz soon - maybe mix in some resin so we can all see the difference.

Hmm i didnt notice that the plastic models dosnt have the custom bases, i might have to buy the resin models now

If you want to buy the resin I do suggest it but I can tell you that making your own custom bases for minis is fun and can be done cheap and still look very good.

I watched a few videos on youtube yesterday and i will be making my own custom bases. There are a lot of great videos on it

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I would not worry about the plastic models not having styled based. As others have pointed out, you can make these yourself if you want to, but the base is rarely noticeable when playing my experience. For example, many of the Fallout figures come on styled bases, but during the game I do not tend to notice these very often. Plastic is also much easier to work with than resin, so do not doubt your decision :slight_smile:.