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Adventurers + Followers

Just got my two little boxes from miniaturemarket… wow. this is my first look at modiphius resin… ok. so… oh my. so everything is very thin and tiny. already a broken sword out of the box. great :frowning: the detail is super but the thinness of everything is just crazy. :frowning: I’ve also got a bent axe that I’m afraid to try and do anything to fix.

this stuff seems so fragile. Its made me realise I probably wont be going in on any more resin kits. This was a bit of an eye opener and a good learning experience. this stuff is not for me. The only upside is that I dont have 40 pieces per figure that the plastic ones had. I was half dreading having to glue each toe and finger on after what came in the hard plastic base set.

And I cant even use them…

no cards.

the download link on the boxes for them is no good. so what even is the point in that?

Everytime I pull this game out, it just dies a little bit more and makes me not want to play it.

My son has expressed interest in only delving/adventures and not skirmish, which makes the decision to cancel resin stormcloaks+imperials easy. sigh :cry:

Apparently people are having issues with the pdf’s. Here is gavins response in a similar thread below yours.

“ you can drop an email to Support with a proof of purchase and they will sort out the PDF for you.”