My thoughts so far youtube vid 9 things i'm interested in

listening back and cringing, but ah well hope it helps get the word out …might take it down redo
but my 9 things are

1 2 game modes
2 low buy in models and proxies ( i have bought the full bundle though ) cards in core only is that right?
3 skimish model count
4 AI not just move and hit
5 skills lockpicks traps stamina!
6 future releases Khajits etc steam and shadow …
7 2 campaigns delve coop and skirmish? is that right?
8 I forgotten my 9 things …
9… traps and lock picks!

I enjoyed it. I would love your thoughts on proxies/use of d&d miniatures and other miniatures such as zombicide (maybe future video ideas). Probably going to be a while for bears, wolves etc.ill be watching for future vids

I’m hoping this game takes off. Right now my local store warhammer dominates and the rest of shelves are Star Wars. Fallout is at the front of store but it doesn’t have a big following.

I hope this game is Miniature agnostic as I only preorderd the core box.