Development Blog no. 2 is now up

Hi all

Our second Dev Blog discussing future plans for the line, and with some new preview images of forthcoming sets, is now up.


Looks great. Will regular super glue work for these

Yup. I tend to key the surfaces with a file, scraping with a knife or a bit of steel wool just to give the Superglue something to latch onto. Less is more with Superglue, so you only need a few drops.

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From what I’ve seen the maps come with miniatures? I haven’t seen maps in the rules unboxing?

Lots of very exciting developments being talked about there. My only gripe is the resin kits, but other than that I am really happy. It looks as though it is going to be a lot of fun.

The launch sets, Imperial Faction Starter, Stormcloak Faction Starter and Bleak Falls Barrow Delve are also available in plastic.

Looks great! When we will have preview of terrain sets?
Isn’t a schedule too packed or it’s only for start?

Does anyone know which type of plastic is being used? Is it a polystyrene type or polythene type or is it PVC like the figures from the Fallout Wasteland Warfare starter set?

They’ve mentioned that it’s a hard plastic (not the softer pvc), so it should be better. I haven’t seen any pictures though

It’s hard plastic - HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene. It’s the same plastic as traditional model kits, or multi part models from other manufacturers like Northstar, Perry or GW’s multipart plastics.


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Hi I noticed You say -

To back of all of this up we will also be releasing community support and organised play packs, much as we do already for Fallout. These will be available for stores to run themed events with special, exclusive versions of cards and other goodies available. We’ll have one available at launch and our first themed pack available mid chapter

Does this mean some one like me who wants to collect every thing wont be able to get hold of this content without going to a store?

Thank you. I also noted this in the FAQ. I pre-ordered the plastic kits as part of the starter set and I am very happy with my choice based on this information.

All our exclusive figures usually are included in a later chapter in another form. The Dragonborn Ethereal, for instance, will appear in Chapter 2 in standard resin. Cards and dice usually only appear as part of the event or as show exclusives.

That said, once we have the art assets created, there’s no reason why cant reproduce them elsewhere, other than managing card counts and cost.

AT the moment the policy is also that the event exclusive items will not present new units - they are usually alternate format or named versions of generic cards. The idea is you don;t have an advantage over other players by attending an event (other than having a great time).

Is the terrain (walls) featured in the new combat video forthcoming ? Hats off for to the gentleman explaining the rules in that

Also are there different warband size rules? I didn’t see the imperial mage so I’m assuming it’s based on point cost

Those walls are from a 3rd party. Our walls are up on the webstore right now:

Your party size is determined by the Septim limit, each Hero and Follower having a Septim cost, as well as the upgrade cards you equip your Heroes with. The Adversary pool size is also determined by the Septim limit as well.

The draugr look great!

Skeleton archers look fine too but would rather have draugr with bows. Lots of other ranges have fairly similar skeletons but the draugr are distinct.

First, would be fantastic for the questlines to feature more possibilities than the original video game. So playing as the Companions, for example, you might lose to the Silver Hand. Or Jarl Balgruuf might join the Stormcloaks with the right diplomacy. If battles drag out too long, the civil war might stalemate and end up with a treaty wherein the Stormcloaks keep a few holds of Skyrim as an independent province. That sort of thing.

But, more than that, this post is about the possibility of a grand campaign where players divide up major factions and compete for glory. Thieves’ Guild, College, Dark Brotherhood, Companions, Stormcloaks, Imperials, Vampires, Dawnguard and main quest (the dragonborn) makes for nine possible factions. At the conclusion of so many game turns, the campaign ends and the player who has achieved the most victory points.

Each faction has a distinct goal (excepting the Stormcloaks and the Imperials) and a number of special sub conditions to win more VP. The Dark Brotherhood might earn a special VP by recovering the bones of an ancient assassin. In each campaign turn, factions might attack each other to directly harm the enemy’s goals or they could interact with the NPC world to loot more resources. For example, the dragonborn player could attack the player controlled College to stall their devious plotting or he could raid an NPC bandit camp in the hope of pillaging a goodly sum of septims. This campaign would work well with an economy, wherein players spend a certain sum every turn to feed and house their guild. Several factions would operate in a distinct fashion. The Thieves’ Guild could not attack a Stormcloak Fort head on but it might send a few crackerjack burglars to sneak over the walls and steal the pay chest. As a more direct approach, thieves could forge false orders directing away most of the garrison and then hire mercenaries to assist with the assault.

Multiplayer wargaming campaigns are no end of fun. I realize this won’t be possible until more chapters release but would very much like to play the Call to Arms this way.

On the same note, would be great to have variant non-dragonborn leaders for each guild, i.e. Harbinger, Listener, etc.

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Silly question. Will the resin miniatures be the same sprue setup as the plastic. Looking to save time on assembly

No. The Resin miniatures are usually in fewer parts, as the moulds are flexible so we have a little more leeway to accept undercuts.