Will there be a Dev blog

Is there (or will there be) a dev blog, similar to the FA:WW one? I find it extremely interesting and informative.

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There will indeed.

Gavin has already started writing the first entry, we are very close to starting to show off things in the run up to launch in early 2020 so hang in there.


Fantastic, can’t wait!

“I used to be a Frostgrave player too. Then Call To Arms released and I took an arrow to the knee.” - Whiterun Guard


Should be up any day now. :slight_smile:



I am looking forward to it. Can a link be posted in this topic once it is ready?

Here’s a link to the Dev Blog https://www.modiphius.net/blogs/news/development-blog-1-the-armies-assemble

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Thanks for posting that! Interesting to read that people preferred choosing a faction from the start, I personally liked the idea of a starter set containing a mix. Oh well :slight_smile:
I’m curious to see what the quality of the plastic minis will be like, and the price of the resin alternatives

Yeah it’s an interesting one. I too would have thought a mixed starter would be good. Lowers the cost of entry I guess in a way though. Either way - I’ll be buying all of the launch stuff :joy:

I will be getting all the launch stuff as well. The only disappointing thing about the article is that we have to wait til the end of March to play.

I really enjoyed reading the development blog and I am delighted that there will be plastic miniatures available. I really hope that their qualitty will be high, as I’ve just tried to assemble my first resin figures for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, and I have had to give up more or less straightaway for reasons I’ll discuss elsewhere.

Not including starter factions is not an issue for me. For Skyrim, there are a lot more potential choices, in terms of factions, than there were Fallout Wasteland warfare, so it makes sense to me for players to be given the choice right from the start. Of course, it is slightly problematic if none of the initial factions is that appealing. For example, the Dragonborn is actually my least favourite aspect of the whole of Skyrim :smiley:, but I am confident that Modiphius will do a better job of the civil war narrative and immersive experience than the computer game did, so those are likely to be logical starting choices for quite a few players I suspect, especially since either Hadvar or Ralof accompanies the player in the opening sequence.

I’ll probably just be getting the bleak falls barrow set due to budget reasons (especially since I’ll probably choose the resin version if there’s one available), but it should work for single player stuff fine I’m hoping :slight_smile: