New Interview and Information

Lots of new and good information here in regards to game. Looks to be heavily story driven and lots of customization options. I love it! Thoughts?


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That’s a really good find, thanks for posting it!

I’m glad to hear they’re not doing a full copy/paste from the Fallout ruleset. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easily one of my favourite game systems, but as they say in the interview it wouldn’t necessarily work for Elder Scrolls without changes. It’s interesting that they want to focus on coop/players vs AI. I really enjoy games against the AI in Fallout, so I’m curious to see how it turns out for this!

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I like what I am reading. Using Fallout Wasteland Warfare as the base for Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms seems eminently sensible to me, as do the comments that there will be differences because of the way in which the games differ. It all sounds very exciting and I already know what my Christmas present to myself is going to be.