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Call to Arms Interview and Exclusive Set Reveal

Hello everybody. I hope this holiday period finds you all safe and sound. We have a little end of year bonus for you in the form of an interview which Chris and I did with the Imperial Library and The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages.

Anybody familiar with the Elder Scrolls game series may well have come across these two amazing sites before. TIL is the premier lore reference site for the whole of the Elder Scrolls franchise and delves deep into the game world, history, legends and background of Tamriel and beyond. The UESP is equal in depth and scope, concentrating on the content and mechanics of the games themselves. Both sites are among key references for us whilst we are developing Call to Arms.

Chris and I talk about all things Call to Arms, plus we have the reveal of the Secret Bonus Set that I have been hinting at for a while.

The Imperial Library is also host an exclusive bonus Delve Mode Scenario written by Mark Latham that pits friend against friend in a civil war scenario!

You can find out more at:

The Imperial Library:

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages