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Tabletop Simulator

Hi all

The full Tabletop Simulator Mod for the core set of Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is now available on Steam:

It includes the core set rules, dice, cards, counters and the Escape from Helgen and Quests books. It also includes a full dice set and the figures from the three starter figure sets, Imperial Faction Starter, Stormcloak Faction Starter and the Bleak Falls Barrow Delve.

In addition, it also has all of the terrain from our Draugr Tomb Walls, Puzzle Door and the Arches set.

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How do I download this into the Tabletop Simulator? I can’t seem to find it for download.

Hi, I have just this moment been trying to do this and I think I have figured it out.

You need to subscribe to the game using the link in the first post. When you then open tabletop simulator you can create a game. Upon creating a game the elder scrolls should be listed as downloadable.

Download it and away you go.

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I’ve been playing this for nearly a week and it’s great! It’s really motivated me to get my models painted for when things are back to normal.

The natural question is, will the rest of the chapter 1 stuff be added?

Many thanks,