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IGN Interview with Chris Birch

In the following link is an interview IGN did with Modiphius creator Chris Birch on Call to Arms. Enjoy!


Good find! Thanks for posting it :smiley:

Sad to see that the typical IGN commenters are being their usual toxic selves. Really looking forward to the game no matter what! :slight_smile:

So, the Dragonborn that’s on the site now is just an early bird edition and there will be another later with Draugr and a quest? Will it be the same sculpt and all? Right now Modiphius is the bane of my wallet’s existence.

The Dragonborn in the starter set will be a different sculpt.

Female by chance??

We’ll be previewing all the starter set figures at UK Games Expo this coming weekend, so stay tuned for further details. I can say no more!


A good read, looks like it could be an expensive Christmas