Initial FAQ is now up

Initial FAQ now up. We’ll keep adding as queries come up.

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This is really useful and answers so many questions. Thank you. No need to worry about dragons any time soon on my account though, as they are my least favourite part of Skyrim ;).

I’m really excited to get my hands on this game, but at the moment I’m a little bit concerned that there will be a delay because of the corona virus. Is there any information about it?

Right now we’ve moved our release date back into April as a result of the extended Chinese New Year and shipping issues. Will any further shutdown or isolation instructions have an effect? I don’t know. Our fulfilment partners are still working right now, but I can’t guarantee that’s going to continue.Modiphius is now mostly working remotely I expect many game stores will be closing, which means there may be problems delivering on pre-orders, but honestly that’s speculation.

The best thing I can say right now is to keep an eye on the website and social media and we’ll try and keep you as informed as possible.

Battle Systems has also put back my terrain pledge till july :frowning: