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Is there any kind of information resource for totally new players?

Hello everyone!

I am completely new to this type of game and I am trying to gather up some information so I figured I would ask and see if someone has already put something together. I dug through the forums here but could not find what I am looking for. If you know of something please feel free to link it and I will check it out post-haste.

I have wanted to get into a game like this for a while but none of the themes offered really interested me but I came across this one at a game store to day and embarrassed myself with excitement. So I’m just going to list out my questions and if you have an answer or a link to a collection of this info I would appreciate if you share.

What are all the products available? I have been over the modiphius store multiple times and I have listed out what is there but is there anywhere else I need to be checking for product? I’m working on a spreadsheet so that I can track what I have and what I need/want to pick up so I want to make sure that my list is complete.

What information pieces do I need to watch out for pertaining to the game itself? I have seen some threads talking about “battle mode” and “errata.” I don’t fully understand what that is so I’m researching, but is there anything else like that I need to keep an eye out for? I feel like this is information that I would understand if I had played a game like this before.

Are there any kind of protectors for the cards?

Is there anywhere other than the “news” section of the main TES:CtA modiphius page that I need to bookmark so that I don’t miss announcements of any kind?

Are there any official third party products related to this game that I need to watch out for?

If you got this far thank you for taking the time I will keep doing research on the game and probably come back with more questions. I am super excited to get started as I personally think this is the coolest looking game ever.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

Hi Redfenix117

You are coming into the game at the right time as we are just at the start of the journey. All of the products are listed on the Modiphius store page One of the starter bundles is a great way to get started in the game. That’s where all the official products will be listed.

Updates appear regularly on the Elder Scrolls Facebook group, the Modiphius Page on Facebook, The Modiphius Twitter feed and on the Elder Scrolls Call to ARms Discord page. Also keep an eye on the Elder Scrolls News Feed for the latest blogs and updates

For card protectors there are a number of sources you can go to. The Mini-Euro and Poker cards are standard sizes so should be readily available. The larger hero cards use a size called Educational which is available as the Morholt from Paladin, though there may also be others I’m not aware of.

There are no official third party products at the moment, but there are a number of third party products that are very compatible with the game.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have here or on any of the sites I mentioned above, and welcome aboard!


Thank you so much for the response.

I have requested to join the facebook group. I am not sure where to get the info for the discord channel.

This link should work for the next 24 hours (Discord’s time limit, I’m afraid):

Is this forum a place we should expect to see announcements? I think discord doesn’t fit the attention focus I’d like to give, though I have bookmarked the facebook page for Modiphius, and I found the email news sign up.

In earlier questions, it has appeared that there are updated errata. I remember asking about a rule which the previous errata had removed, and found out there were new changes which put it back, maybe somewhere else. I don’t see a date on the errata you can download from the store, and don’t want to “buy” (it is free) it again to download again and see if a more recent version. All that to say: have errata been updated? Is it available in the store or elsewhere?


I try and spread the announcements around everywhere we have presence. The email and the official Facebook group are two good resources and probably where we get our most contacts, but certainly they should also be here and on the news page too.

There’s a new eratta in the works right now. I may delay its release until after the new card pack comes out just in case there is anything we need to fix in there.