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Faction set lists

Hi there.

As much as I love browsing the Modiphius shop site (and hate looking into the void of my purse afterwards), I have always found the infos given there on the models and stats quite meager. And having the Chapter card set does help you only so much, since all the info is spread over cards in different formats …

The question remains: What should I buy next, and how can I know what’s best for my faction & next game or campaign? So. Why not have all the stats of each model in each faction set in one handy table, where you can check whether the “Skirmishers” or the “Imperial Reinforcements” or the “Skeleton Horde” really does bring the desired punch to the table?

Voilà, here is the first of my Faction Lists* (as per 5/11/2021), the Stormcloaks:

(( Link deleted because of Take-down notice from Modiphius ))

Some notes on the nomenclature:

  • Listed for each character are the Perks and Keywords with their respective Rulebook reference page. (Will be interesting to see how these info might be included in the revised rule book that is in the works.)
  • I have abbreviated the Skills, you find the explanations on the last page.
  • Included are the Attribute and Reserves stats, with the level up changes for Hero characters.
  • Not included are special Effect Dice rules.

Is that a helpful thing? Shall I continue with the Imperials, the Adventurers and the Draugr/Undead faction?

As useful as this is for reference, I’m not sure the guys at Modiphius would thank you for circulting it given it partially circumvents people’s need for getting the cards.

Or they might be delighted or indifferent, I couldn’t say but just a thought.

Hm, that’s a good point. My aim was not, however, to spoil the proper cards for anyone, just to make faction list building a bit easier. Hopefully. Let’s see …

Plus, the perks/keywords referencing system is still a real pain, with no alphabetical index in the rulebook so you need three things to look up: the card, the quick reference and the rulebook. That is one thing I wish would be made easier in the future (although I know this point belongs in the errata/rules topic).