Played my first games yesterday!

Two games yesterday against the same friend; they were quite entertaining and many shenangians were had (like Ralof setting off a gas-fire trap that ignited 4/5ths of the stormcloaks! Where’s your trap sense, my man! :stuck_out_tongue:).

He and I are certainly planning to play again, but we were curious what exactly was available for the game. We can see the miniatures packs online obviously, but can’t really get clarity on the factions and rules options that exist.

Delphine is an adventurer or is there a Blades faction? Is there a character generator in one of the expansion books, where you can build a character and figure their septim costs, if that makes sense? What about the Hold Guards faction that’s mentioned in the description of the first expansion booklet, how do they work? Is there a comprehensive list of factions or at least interplayability (e.g. who could you take in a Imperial army vice a Stormcloak army? Can you take from the Bandit faction like you can the Adventurers? Etc.).

I suppose I just asked some ill-worded questions off the top of my head, but we’re looking to expand more into the game proper and it seems difficult to discern what’s actually an option rules-wise to plan our purchases of miniatures. Does anyone have any advice? My supposition is that I’m missing some blog post or something that lists the factions available and planned…

The available playable factions are:
Dark Brotherhood
Thieves Guild
College of Winterhold
Hold Guards
Draugr (Playtest)
Neutral models can be added to any faction as Mercenaries. Some of these are single models at the moment (Delphine, for instance) and some models can be in more than one faction - The Dragonborn, Hero of Skyrim can be Adventurer, Imperial or Stormcloak. The Hold Guards don’t have dedicated models (yet) but can be played as allies to the Imperials or Stormcloaks, or as their own faction.

Adversary factions are:
All of the player factions above also have Adversary counterparts.

My suggestion would be to pick the models that you like, and the supporting card pack.

There are no character creation rules at the moment, but we are working on a character progression system right now.

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There is also a clean up rule book coming and maybe in the near future even the dawnguard, vampires and bandits, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. All correct. Dawnguard and Vampire minis are out now, and cards should be landing soon™.

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Thank you for the answer, sir, it looks awesome.

Are the ESO faction cards that exist (e.g. Aldmeri Dominion) also okay? I realize you’d have exactly ONE faction model, and would have to fill the rest out with hirelings or whathaveyou (Depending on game size) but I was just curious.

Glad to hear about more coming! We may wait for “models that grab us” as you say - currently, we’re more interested in the game than some of the miniatures at the moment, as we’re both passionate about the setting and factions but don’t feel grabbed by the Skyrim look. Still, though, I think we’ve got a way ahead to start - he’ll probably play Imperials, and I’ll get as close to the Dominion as I can get right now (one Khajiit adventurer hero, one Khajiit adventurer follower, and The Sorceress, let’s go)!

I’m so tempted to ask about future factions (e.g. a Dunmer-only subvariant of the DB rules to represent the Morag Tong would really motivate my friend) but I’ll refrain from prying… or try to. :stuck_out_tongue: Character progression could help with that too - you could just pick all the Dunmer models (or generic followers) for the set and call them the Morag Tong, haha.

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We’re staying in Skyrim for a while, but I do have a few other ESO sculpts that might be seeing the light of day in some form. Watch this space :slight_smile:


Just learned through the grapevine there are Aldmeri Dominion cards and heroes in the Skyrim Adventure Game Miniatures Upgrade set;

Should I keep quiet about this? I know the Thalmor like their secrets, but I think the Mirror Logicians and I are going to zap them back to the Second Era and a more sensible time (via paint schemes of course).

There are no Aldmeri Dominion Heroes in the Miniatures expansion. All the Heroes are Sheathed Blades (and canonically dead or retired by the time Skyrim is set).

There’s just a Thalmor adversary card in the Board game, to go with the Justicar model(s).

Roger that! I was confused by some Facebook comments. Still, though, there are Altmer heroes, and blades can be used as hirelings. So the Jankmeri Dominion project continues! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: