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Factions we're looking for?

So we know we’re getting Stormcloaks, Imperials, and some sort of Draugr/Undead creep faction that might be playable along the lines of monsters or robots in Fallout: WW. Personally I’m hoping for Dunmer of some sort; House Redoran from Solstheim would be great. Anyone else from the games you’d love to have an army of?

I’m guessing they’ll introduce the different guilds as factions, which is something I’m looking forward to.

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I’m guessing we’ll get a catch-all faction just called “Bandits” for the generic enemies. Some other candidates I can think of would the Foresworn, Vampires, The Blades, Thalmor, Psijic Order, Silver Hand, The Dawnguard, Tribal Orcs, Mythic Dawn, and Vigilants of Stendarr. Of course there are the guilds as well.

Even though they’ve said they will be drawing from all of the Elder Scrolls lore, I imagine it will be much like Wasteland Warfare being mostly Fallout 4 focused, and we’ll see this be mostly Skyrim focused. At least for the first year or two.

I’m not sure if I have a particular faction I’d like to see more than the others. I think the Stormcloak vs. Imperials to start off with makes sense, but it’s also super “vanilla” and not as exciting in my opinion as other potential matchups like The Blades vs. The Thalmor. I think the Blades armor sets would look really great on those resin models.

It also just occurred to me that some of these factions will be pretty easy to proxy early on until we get official models. There are tons of wizard models out there that would work well for the Psijic order, Mythic Dawn, or College of Winterhold. There are some model boxes for Frostgrave soldiers that I think could make good Vigilants of Stendarr. So once we have a core set of rules out there and the first wave is delivered and digested a bit, I’m sure we’ll see some hobbists making up decent proxies for other factions until official ones are available.

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I agree that a Skyrim focus is the most logical start. I think that starting with the Companions, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood,and the College of Winterhold would be helpful, as these factions cover the majority of build types from the game. That said, I rather like the Dawnguard and vampires myself, but I do hope that vampire factions are made a bit more complex than they were in Skyrim where they really are typecast as all, aside from Serana, being evil, when vampires are more complex than that, as is reflected more effectively in ESO. I’d also be happy with mages though, as I love magic.

Regardless as to which factions are focused on first I will be happy because I am just looking forward to the game so much. There are so many possibilities and I am sure that there will be something for all of us at some point.

Yup. I’m a massive Elder Scrolls fan, though my favorite game of the series is Morrowind. So I’m pretty down for any sort of Dunmer content.

Using the “beastmaster” rules from FO:WW it’d be frickin’ hilarious to have a horde of Cliff Racers as your army.

We might get a Dawnguard vs. Vamps box for Dawnguard, and possibly an equivalent Redoran or Skaal vs. Miraak Cultists one for Dragonborn. That’d be cool.

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I want the Knights of the Nine more than anything else.


I want spiders


I watched a YouTube video last night back from august (a convention in Germany) and the reporter asking questions knew her stuff. One of the developers mentions dwemer and dark brotherhood as the next factions with at least a 2 year push of miniatures. Looks like March for the initial releases and then late April but based on videos I watched over the weekend the dates keep changing
Initially it looked like there was going to be a double sided map and some card stock terrain however the unboxing video doesn’t show or mention it

There were some changes, the recent dev blog talks about the anticipated release schedule. As of now they are planning on having the release around March 26, with preorders starting later this month. They decided to change the way it is going to be released from one big core box to a box with the rules/cards/tokens and different faction boxes. The double sided mat is still coming, just not in the starter wave I believe it will be a separate item.

Seems strange that there’s no mat in first wave

true, hopefully its part of the release that is in the month after the launch wave.

There is a gorgeous double sided game mat which is flagged for our first Chapter. If you’ve had a demo, or seen any of the demo game images or videos, you will have seen it. However, I’m keen to make sure that I only promise that which we can deliver. There have been issues with the mat production and, mostly, uncertainty around shipping. I will promise that as soon as I KNOW it’s coming, I’ll let you know.

I have only see the one and and it is very nice

Wanted to pay a compliment on the stormcloak faction-was pleasantly surprised that the leader is actually a somewhat lesser known character. As an avid player of Skyrim this guy gets a little more respect from me now

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For me top 3
Thieves guild
Magic collage
and Bards guild

just loaded sky rim and seems its lost my save i was leader of the thieves and planing on completinig the game doh! … so might start our and go down the fighter route this time and compete the dam game too lol… side quests

all gotta have the generic fantasy trope beasts… wolves… bandits… how big will an adventure party be? 2 like the game or more?

looking forward to Forsworn

The Bards guild would be an amazing addition.

I would love to see The Blades as a small faction or the Imperial Guard from Oblivion as I found their armour to be cooler looking than the Skyrim’s take on the Imperial army.