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Suggestions for future miniatures. Five only, please

Anymore, all good tabletop games can be played with miniatures. Even ones that don’t expressly come with such have the option. Playng a superhero RPG? Look no further than Heroclix and Knight Models. Star Wars, D&D and Pathfinder have more options than can be counred.
So, I would like to list here five, and only five, minis I would like to see and invite the rest of you to do the same.

  1. Serana
  2. Odahviing
  3. Hermaeus Mora
  4. Thieves Guild Set
  5. Dwemer Automaton Set

Those are my top five. Look forward to seeing yours. And don’t worry if someone else used your answer, the more the better, right?


The Dark Brotherhood is the faction that will get me into this game. As much as I’d love Babette just to have a vampire, I doubt children will make into the miniature game.

I’d expect Astrid, Arnbjorn (human & werewolf), Nazir, Veezara, and Cicero. Which is technically 6 models. But if sets count as 1 model suggestion, I’d like to see non-human Dragonborn figures. Male/female for elves, orcs, argonians, and khajiit.


I would like a set of generic civilians
A Sprigan
Two variations of a giant
and a mammoth

(Also a set of generic heads for kitbashing other races using existing bodies.)


I’d love to see creatures added to the game, I think they would add some much needed variety to the game, and Skyrim alone has a ton of options. I’d be happy with anything, but my top 5 would be…

  1. Flame Atronach - along with the conjuration spell to summon one
  2. Spriggan
  3. Trolls
  4. Hagravens
  5. Giants
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  1. Nerevarine
  2. Dagoth Ur
  3. Vivec
  4. Almalexia
  5. Sotha Sil

Let’s get some morrowind in there. Oblivion units would mostly just be daedra and imperials so I say go for morrowind.

  1. Miraak has an amazing aesthetic and i would love him as a model
  2. I would love to see a collection of other dragonborns like end game dragonborn in daedric
    armour or maybe escape from helgan dragonborn in rags, just dragonborns in different armours and races
  3. Knight-Paladin Gelebor, the last snow elf, he probably wouldn’t be the most popular choice but i really like him
  4. Vampires in the vampire form with there hounds and some thralls, having some in there robes would be cool as well
  5. I know they’ve already announced dragons but I’m hoping for some named dragons like Alduin. It would also give a chance to add in shouts that could summon friendly dragons for a limited number of turns like Durnehviir. Also the skeleton dragon from the Labyrinthian.

I know all of these are only from skyrim, I’m assuming that Modiphius is gonna focus on skyrim then move onto the other games in the series at a later date.

Feel like I’d be copying the above but:

  1. Miraak. Absolutely love his design.
  2. Gelebor; again, great aesthetic and I want me some Snow Elf in general.
  3. The Tribunal; if only to have Collectors pieces for the models.
  4. The Companions: that armour…
  5. J’Zargo
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  1. Serana
  2. Miraak
  3. Nightingales (Karliah, Brynjolf) and thieves (Vex, Sapphir, Mallory)
  4. Aela the Huntress
  5. M’aiq the Liar
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I would just love a way to build a custom Dragonborn model between some races and weapons and armor
like I would love to have something in Dragonplate

Or Dragonscale, even the Studded Dragonscale (Creatiob Club pay-for debate aside, it is in a Bethesda store and does look cool). My characters tend to favour Light Armor