Suggestions for future miniatures. Five only, please

Could’t agree more. Some weapons are really cool and we’ll sculpted (such as the Grimsever), but others are so thick…

And I’ve seen the same problem in the hands of some models:


  1. Erik the Slayer in Dragon Bones armor (+giant weapon)
  2. Miraak
  3. Aela the Huntress
  4. Balgruuf the Greater
  5. Cicero (+Night Mother’s coffin)

All of our weapons, and indeed any small parts, are designed to a set of tolerances and prototyped before we go to production. They are as pointy and thin as we can make them for that model, and some models will have different tolerances for different pieces, because of the pull from the mould, the type of weapon and so on. If we can make it sharper or thinner without risking snapping, tearing or bending, we would.

The limitations of moulds is a long running thing for all companies.


There is nothing to stop the buyer from shaving and sharpening the weapon in the building process (although it’s not something I’d want the studio painters to do because it would misrepresent the models being sold)

Yo Solin, are you the bro that participated in Loranna’s RP back in the day? The lore community has been trying to recover the lost threads from that for awhile. Would love to chat about it! (email is


I’m really excited for the Dragonborn dlc entering this game, like Bonemold and Chitin armor, Morrowind factions, as well as Apocrypha settings, I’m also a fan of the Lurker, btw.

Beside that what about Falmer? I bet there are already plans so far.

And ofc I am also still waiting for dragons becoming implemented, so that we can get some more of’em. =)

I’d love to see some Falmer miniatures to recreate blackreach.

  1. Beasts of Skyrim Pack; would be a popular kit for furnishing ambient style adversaries - e.g. centerpiece model (Bear or Cave Bear) with a few alt sculps of a couple of different wildlife types (Wolves / Mud crabs / Skeevers)

  2. Dungeon Delve Pack - Having Falmer / Chaurus as an alternative Dungeon faction to Draugr and goes well with some of the Dwemer range already available. Opens the door for a broader Dungeon campaign like Blackreach.

  3. Gates of Oblivion Pack - Skyrim doesn’t have the Daedra range of previous titles but Dremora would make for a tough boss fight. I like the idea of STLs for Gates of Oblivion (or a physical release) and have a pack with a central Dremora supported by minions (Scamps/Clanfear) and this faction would be able to lean into the Antronach kits already available.

  4. The Reach Pack - Forsworn; alternative to Bandit type faction; leans into Hargraven kits and able to tell stories around the Markarth Incident but also a fun adversary during the Civil War.

  5. Cliff Racer. With a button that plays the sound so I can revist that PTSD.

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