Dragon miniatures

I’m thinking of getting a dragon to paint up ready for when the game releases. Do we have any dragon model owners out there that can post some pics with the dragonborn model for scale? Gotta say the reaper/bones line has my eye due to the low cost but I have no idea how they scale.

O Gauge Thomas theTank Engine

I will post a picture when i get home

just to note that this isn’t the only size of dragon that Reaper makes.

Awesome thank you, which dragon is that? How are the details?

That is “Deathsleet”. It is detailed enough that it should fit right in once you get some paint on it.

Cheers jcmonson

I have gone for the bones pathfinder red dragon so will post some comparisons and thoughts when it arrives

I’m looking forward to what you think.

Once i’ve finished moving I have so many DnD dragon miniatures

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The red dragon arrived today, I think the scale will be ok, it’s a little on the short side but I can build up the base some. Details are not bad at all for the price.