Jamie's painting thread

Just started working on my dragonborn last night so figured I would start a thread to share progress. Just base coats and first washes done and this stage but I will update as I go along. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated and if you have any questions just shout.

Fus Ro Dah


Mainly been working on the bones dragon today but have got the first flesh highlight down on dragonborn. It’s going to need another wash on the face due to the black wash running off the helmet so I had to touch up quite a bit there. Dragons details are very nice for the price, should highlight up really well.


Looking good!

Cheers Alaiteir.

Finished off the reds today and got another layer of zandri dust down for the beige parts. Going to work the zandri dust up to ushabti bone then pallid Wych flesh. That’s the plan anyway.

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I like the highlights on the scales, looking forward to seeing more of your work when the game properly comes out :slight_smile:

Cheers Alaiteir, the highlights are all just drybrushed for the dragon with a bit of edge highlighting on the dragonborn one due to the different style. Can’t wait to get my hands on the game and paint up some storm cloaks!

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Got the bases washed and base coated today so should be able to move straight onto details at the weekend.


Got the bases ready for snow and finished the beige on the dragon today. I used stippling for the first time on the wings and my usual thin layer approach for the body working from zandri dust, to ushabti bone and then pallid Wych flesh. I’m pretty happy with it but let me know what you think.

Almost finished now, need to wait for the snow paste to dry then I will add some snow flock. Also need a colour for the dragons tongue if anyone has any suggestions.


Looking forward to seeing it finished!

A purple-y red colour might work for the dragons tongue?

Cheers Alaiteir, hope to get finished pics up next weekend. Purple is a good shout, recommendations so far have been blue/black, purple or orange painted like fire

I like the blue black or purple route. It’s a dragon, it could really be any color you want. But something “different” like those might help it stand out.

If you did go for a more “traditional” color, I like Army Painter’s “Toxic Boils”. It’s a pink/purple color, with the added bonus of shifting to a warm/raw/new skin like tone after a brown wash.

Before and after wash, for example.

Thanks for the input AlxRaven, I think I’m going to go with dark blue/purple along the lines of a gas flame.
Finished the snow tonight so just that tongue and base rims to go.


I think gas flame is a perfect inspiration to work off of.

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Finished. As always feedback is very much welcome and appreciated.


Jamie. Absolute fantastic job. With the starter bundles available for preorder I need to start painting and assembling my triumphant model. I was wondering what materials you use. I’m new to table top. Want to make my miniatures have the chance of becoming as brilliant as yours with improvement of my own skills.

Thanks, really happy you like them.

So in terms of materials for assembly you will need some clippers or side cutters for removing the parts from the sprues. Then a Stanley knife and sometimes a file to remove any mold lines, just depends on the position of the line which tool is better.
For glue you want super glue for the resin such as the dragonborn triumphant but polystyrene cement works best for hard plastics if you are going for that option. I like the brush on variety of super glue as find they last a bit longer and I use revel contacta poly cement.
For paints I have a mix of citadel, coat d’arms and a couple of Vallejo. For washes I have the army painter set and a couple of citadel ones.
For brushes I would recommend the army painter most wanted set as a starting point, they aren’t the best brushes but will take a beating as you are learning.

Hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions.

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I second everything mentioned. Especially about the Army Painter brushes being a great affordable starting brush.

I did want to add that the gel type super glue is also a good option, as you get good control over where it goes. I haven’t tried the brush on, but trust the advice given.

I’d also say that getting a painting handle fairly early on in the learning process is probably one of the best purchases you can make, and they only run about $8-$10. Best money I ever spent on the hobby. Hands down.

Yeah good shout on the painting handle but I would advise caution if you are going for the resin models with scenic bases. The citadel painting handle has quite a grip and it’s dented resin bases for me in the past so I only use it with plastic bases now.
The gel super glue is great too, especially the locktite one in the squeeze bottle, but I find the caps dry up quicker than the brush on version. If you are just doing one big batch it won’t matter either way as you will probably use a whole bottle or close to anyway.

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I blue tacked my dragonborn to a plastic base and put the plastic base in the handle rather than the resin base to get around the grip issue.

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