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Any good guides on painting the terrain or models?

Pretty new to mini painting so I would like some help on how to get everything painted up properly. Does anyone know of any guides for this?

I would like things to look as close to the actual game/box art as possible and I am not very good at eyeballing my paints and matching them to box art.

I have a lot of citadel paint, some army painter, but am willing to get whatever I am missing.

Thanks in advance!

Greets RKOAdkins,

it is best if you always start your own search, because the internet is full of them.
But I can give you a few hints. :vulcan_salute:

… and another list with names of painters on Youtube

(mostly for Terrain)

This will keep you busy for a while.

I would also point out ESO Tabletop-Warhammer 40K & Fallout. He has some great guides on the Stormcloaks and Dragonborn, plus is a fan of the material.

I did search actually, and yes there are quite a few videos out there. Which is why I specified what type of guide I was looking for—matching the game/box art. Many miniature painters find fun in taking liberty with color schemes and/or just straight ignore box art. The last terrain guide I tried watching the person literally said they were not doing the box art. Google search will never replace a knowledgeable community, which is why people ask questions rather than sift through dozens of pages of search results and videos.

Im familiar with Duncan, so that would be great if he covered this game, but according to his site he has the guide for a stormcloak soldier and the dragonborn, and thats it. But thanks for the suggestion.

ESO Tabletop-Warhammer 40K & Fallout has the starter figures, which is great, but no terrain.

I shall continue to search, if anyone else has any recommendations feel free to post them. Thanks.

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The only videos I had seen regarding the released terrain and scatter pieces were three videos from this fella:

‘Always Board Never Boring’ also had some painting tutorials for the Draugr, Skeletons, and Dragonborne:

The question one could ask oneself: Can I currently achieve my goals this way?
… if there is no hurry, you can of course hope for these videos :v:

The Call of Arms miniatures are apparently not so well represented on the video market that you can paint all the figures after a guide. Since you find it difficult to identify certain colors, I would work on that :wink:

You could start by just painting on it. There are several figures in the package, you have a lot of colors, try it out. Practice creates masters.

Maybe someone from Modiphius like @Modiphius-Jon can tell you directly which colors were used or get in contact with the painter so that you can ask your question directly to him.

I keep my fingers crossed that you get your miniatures painted the way you imagine them to be. :crossed_fingers: