Need help with picking paint

So I am looking to start painting my Sets I have the 2-player starter set , The Settlers Core pack, The Brotherhood Core set, and The Supermutant Core pack. Now my task is to get paint for all of them but i am looking for a good price as I am a Beginner at the miniature painting I was looking at Army looking at the sets trying to decide on which one i should get. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how I should go about this while keeping it relatively cheap but good quality ?


I’m not a great moddler by any means, but I HAVE painted a lot of models since taking up the hobby.

For primers, I’ve never used anything but the cheap spray cans and I know quite a few moddlers who do the same even if they’re pro painters. You can buy about ten cans of the cheap stuff for every bottle of the Games Workshop stuff.

I have used Testors paints and did NOT like them at all.

I have used Games Workshop paints and I liked those. They’ve got a good range of colors and the colors are already shades that are good for this kind of painting. They’ve pretty expensive if you’re looking to buy more than just a few colors though. If you’re looking to get into painting seriously, enjoy painting fine details, and have the extra money to throw around, the good paints are something to consider.

I currently use the cheap hobby paints (Apple Barrel and FolkArt) that I’ve picked up at Wal*Mart. They’re almost as good as the good paints and like the primer, and it’s MUCH cheaper.

For the paints, since it sounds like you’re new to the hobby, I’d recommend picking up some of the cheap stuff, see if you enjoy the painting and see if you like the quality before you spend a bunch on better paints. The Apple Barrel stuff costs about 1/8 of the cost and you get at least twice as much paint.

Another thing of importance though is the brushes. I personally think the brushes are a bit more important than the paints. But you can still get off cheap. Look for a package of brushes, an assortment is good. I like softer bristles on mine though some people like firmer brushes. What’s important though is finding something with some nice fine tips. Take a look at my model thread and look at the first post. You will see some brushes to the left side of the image, golden bristles, blue handles on some, orange on the ones in the package still) Something along those lines. The small tip ones work great for detail, the wider brushes work for applying paint to larger areas or drybrushing.

Hope that helps!

Cheap paints are not the way to go. If you’re serious about painting, read up on a Wet Palette, and just buy Vallejo. I spent a decade, or more, using thick, crappy, cheap paints. Randomly picked up a bottle of Vallejo and was ■■■■■■ at myself for not trying it earlier. The very next day I dropped the $200+ to get the full Game Color Paint line in the plastic case. Never regretted it once, and I have probably doubled the number of colors since then.
Highly, highly recommend it.

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I’d recommend going with the army painter starter set then picking up a few lighter or darker shades for highlights and basecoats respectively. Good brushes go a long way as well army painter makes good ones as well so not a bad way to get some from them. I recommend the “most wanted” set of brushes. As far as primer goes you can go with the black primer you can get in spray cans from Walmart. Just makes sure it’s ok to use on the material you’re priming.

There is a YouTuber named Vincent venturella that has a video that came out that goes over the different brands of paint and their they good at and what they are bad at. He also has a few other video that talk about different tools and techniques to help people get better at painting.

Cheap Wal-Mart paint is okay for practicing with but I don’t recommend it because it is too thick.

I’ve used Reaper paints. I have mixed feelings on them because they often felt a bit too thin and runny.

I plan to try another brand with this game.

I use a combination P3, Vallejo, and standard Homedepot paint. I see allot of colors more in line With the Fallout pallets in the Vallejo ranges though so maybe start there. I would also highly recommend a wet pallet and watching allot of how to on You Tube

Get some decent paints first (they don’t have to cost a lot) and see how you go…can always get more or go cheaper.
You’ve spent the money on some good models,so a few good paints and washes will go nicely with them.
I recommend Vallejo🖒

Vallejo Game Color Basic Paint Set

Looking at getting this set and go from there I think

thanks for all the suggestions

Personally I use the Citadel paints mixed with army painter paints. I was too a beginner, and I used to paint for 1 year now.

I started with the Army Painter starter paints, and Quickshade Washes set for shades.
This is basic, you can easily start with that and add some extra paints (like gold, or rust for fallout, it’s a way better match with the wasteland :wink: ).

Don’t forget to use a wet palette, it’s great especially if you work with artificial light. For brushes, I’m used to the Winsor & Newton brushes. If you want to start with that, I recommend you to use a 0 & 1 size brushes. If you enjoy painting, you should consider to buy a brush cleaner and a brush restorer, it will help you to keep your brushes clean. Don’t forget to let your brushes with the head down, it helps keeping its form. The last piece of advice I can give you is to check some tutorials about painting techniques, it will help you to see wich kind of visuals you can obtain. And, most of all, have fun :slight_smile: