Question on painting

I have yet to paint my miniatures and have a question

Doing research and some have been using contrast paints. Is there a guide of which colors contrast paints replace or colors people switched from

For example plaguebearer skin-looking for a close comparison army painter or even old gamesworkshop colors. I have some protectrons coming in the mail and I saw someone used that for one of the base colors

This looks like a good guide :slight_smile:

I saw that-that basically shows what the color looks like on a primer .appreciate that

I’m trying use substitute brands color matching but not looking for exact

Ah ok, I might have misunderstood. If you’re asking for other brand colours to use instead of the contrast paints I’m not sure (I use citadel myself, but haven’t tried the contrast paints). The brand might have pictures showing the colours of their paints though, which you could compare to the chart of contrast paints in the link :slight_smile:

Ok so say u liked the color I mentioned and it was out of stock. What color best represents it from army painter

I’m not sure unfortunately, you’d have to look at Army Painter’s website and compare it. GW’s currently suspended production to protect their workers during the pandemic, that’s why they list everything as out of stock.

My collection of paints crosses many brands, but mostly started with Army Painter. I’ve used and like the Contrast paints tho, and find them very useful in lots of ways.

The main trouble with matching Contrast paints to other brands is that it’s not going to look like the other color. It’s going to look like the other color after a wash. For example: Militarium Green looks like Army Painter’s Army Green after a Military Shader Wash.

Looking through just what I have, I’d say Necrotic Flesh + wash would be close to what you’re looking for. Tho there might be something closer I just don’t have…

Thank you very much

You could also look up an app on smartphones called paintRack - I’ve used it wihle doing Crisis Protocol and it’s helped me finding a close match to certain shades that I don’t have in a certain brand, but want to get to as close as possible.

I hope this helps?

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