Hoover Dam Paint List?

Hi :smiley:

I’m getting back into painting and I’m super OCD (Contradiction right?)

Noticed the Hoover Dam pack has a painting guide but sadly support informs me theirs no paint list.

I dont suppose anyones OCD like me & lists the paints they need for projects? The Army Painter ones?

Where can I find this information?

The booklet included with the New Vegas cards has a painting guide that includes the names of all the colours used, so if you have picked the pack up you should be good to go.

I’m not sure I understand the question otherwise, please do clarify and I’ll see if I can help.

So for example if I were buying it as a gift & I wanted to include all the paints, tools & glues …

I like Army Painter paints as much as I like Vallejo or Reaper or Citadel (but not the Citadel pots, droppers FTW). There’s a really cool Paint Range Compatibilities Chart on the dakkadakka.com forums that matches the different colors from several different brands. Citadel, “Old” Citadel, Vallejo Game Color, Vallejo Model Color, Reaper, Army Painter, P3, etc. So if your local store doesn’t stock Army Painter or it’s out of stock online, you can sub the appropriate Vallejo or Citadel color.
Paint Range Compatibility Chart - Articles - DakkaDakka

Btw, there’s also an app for that. :slight_smile:

Right, I see.

That’s a tricky one. There is some implicit value/cost in that time went into producing those guides that makes up a part of the RRP, so if we “give it away” then its impacting the viability of the product.

In terms of the paint suggested, its focussed solely on the Army Painter range at present, but I use all manner of paints from many lines, so this is more for beginner easing in.

I’d suggest picking up a red, black and brown set of paint triads from pretty much any of the major producers, plus some flesh tones and a silver or two.

If Army Painter is your jam, then these should work:

Pure Red, Red Tone, Mars Red
Leather Brown, Dark Tone, Monster Brown
Matt Black, Castle Grey, Ash Grey
Tanned Flesh, Flesh Wash, Barbarian Flesh
Plate Mail Metal

Hope that helps.