Painting Preston Garvey question

hi, I did a google search and I couldn’t locate anything on how to paint him. More specifically his skin tone, would anyone know how I can paint that?

I got all the other colors laid out just not sure on his skin tone, how dark brown and how to do highlights?

Thank you

Not on this particular model, but in the past I’ve used a medium brown like Army Painter’s Leather or Monster browns. Then lightening it up some to do the highlights.

I’m not sure what the equivalent would be for other brands.

Thanks, I got Vallejo, Colours of War, Citadel, and Army painter. I got luck and I got Monster and Leather Brown, I will play with those for a bit and show results.

“Rules of Play” book, page 4 actually has a painting guide for him.

That said, take a look at what they do on the rules book, then if you’re not using the same brand then look for colors that are similar to use.



One thing I haven’t tried yet is to use a darker brown, like Army Painter Werewolf Fur, for the base and then dry brushing the previously mentioned colors over that for the highlight.

I’ve done similar with lighter skin tones to great effect, as you can get the effect of some highlighting, without actually highlighting.

Full disclosure: I have yet to attempt real highlighting, because of time and fear of needing to go back and fix it. So I use dry brushing to “cheat”.

Sorry for the double post, but I KNEW I had seen a guide for him SOMEWHERE. lol

Thanks for taking that off my mind.

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Only reason I knew where it was is because I was looking at the Brotherhood of Steel model detailed on the next page just a little while ago and still had the book right beside when I saw the question pop up.

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Thanks, for some reason I thought it was another Miniature in the rule book…

No problems. I’ve done the same thing. I think we all have those moments where we miss something like that.

Here are some pictures of minis I painted with that skin tone for reference. If it helps.

Unfortunately I’m away from the house, so this is the best I have on my phone at the moment.


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Wrong games, . . . .but the skin tones look REALLY good.

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