Paint used for official art

I know that time works against any official guides outside of what is done in the booklets.

I’m just curious if there is a breakdown somewhere of how to get the right color for the Enclave officer uniform and Autumns coat. It is such a bizarre color. It’s like a black/green tinted khaki color. I normally try to wing it, but for at least this faction I’d like to try and make it look super accurate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much for any help!

Let me see if the painter has any memory of what they used.

It was a long time ago now, but you never know.


Thanks a bunch!

I wondered this as well, there’s a youtuber called Duncan Rhodes. Check out his tutorials for Frank Horrigan, Caesar Centurion and Super Mutants. Don’t know if he was the official painted but it’s a good start for citadel and army painter paints.

Can’t post a link here but check channel DuncanRhodesPaintingAcademy

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Thank you! I’ll look into him.

Ok, spoken with the painter and he is “fairly” sure he used the following:

A base of P3 hammerfall khaki, shaded with P3 Battlefield Brown, highlighted by mixing in some white into the Khaki.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much!

GW/Citadel has a free app that allows you to take a picture with your device and it determines the closest Citadel color match.
There are several apps where you can load a graphics file (jpg, png, etc) and it will try to match it up with colors or pantones and then you can crossreference those colors to various name brands of miniatures paints. If you have a sharp enough photo of a mini, you can do that.
An old school way we used to do was to take a paint chip or magazine clipping to the hardware store and have then scan it to colormatch their paint chips, then we would google it figure out the closest match to citadel.

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Thank you! I’ve done this. I use mostly Army Painter and Vallejo so this is really helpful for future endeavors.