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First Go at painting

Really don’t wanna paint the starter set minis anymore lol but here’s my progress so far. First minis ever painted. Using Contrast paints.
Need to maybe add some highlights and shadows with some layer paints. Used the cans for base coats.


Looks like a really good start to me. Very nice.

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Those are looking great. Especially for first minis :slight_smile:

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So, what are “contrast paints?” Is that a brand? A category of paints? Whatever it is, it seems to allow those fine surface details on the figures to “pop” just fine. I can make out the seams in the vault suit, buckles in the leather, furrow in the Sole Survivor’s brow, etc., remarkably well.

Contrast paints are a line of Citadel Paints designed to be an “All in One” - color, wash, and highlight.

They are great for novice painters and veterans alike. Many, including myself, have found ways to use them outside of their intended purpose as well. Experimentation is fun!! Lol


Yea the contrast paints used here are from citadel. Most was all one coat. Some like the face was 2 but thinned using contrast medium (saw a tutorial on YouTube).

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Here are the paints I used!


Also of note, since I don’t have an air brush, I tried doing that “zenithal” highlight, I think that how you spell it, with these. Only think I did not care for was the “grainy” look the can spray gave me.


Safe to say I will be looking into an air machine. Any recommendations?

I use a Badger Patriot 105 that has been great, at least I like it. I’m far from a pro with it but it’s great for base coating and painting terrain. I haven’t seen them around the Hobby Shops much lately though. I’ve tried the Iwata Neo before too and it’s ok plus you can get them 40% off at Hobby Lobby.

They have a badger 180-12 for $67 at my local Michaels. Can’t seem to find solid reviews on it though. It’s discounted from $299.

If there’s a grainy-ness to the spray paints, it might be that you’re holding them a little too far away and the paint is partially drying before it hits the model. Might be worth trying short sharp bursts from slightly closer :slight_smile: