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Alaiteir's painted minis

I really like seeing other people’s painted miniatures here, so I thought I’d try and keep the trend going by posting some of my own :slight_smile: First up, Nora and dogmeat holding off some ferals!

Piper’s snooping has landed her in a spot of trouble:

Together, the two fight to keep Mr Takahashi safe from some super mutants. Even they can’t resist his noodle-y goodness! I spent a fair bit of time trying to get the shading on their clothes right, and I think this picture shows it off quite well:

The Brotherhood of Steel out on patrol. I loved the Arthurian legends references worked into them, and the T-60 miniature is without a doubt one of the best miniatures I’ve ever had the pleasure to paint. Hopefully I’ve done it justice!

And finally, a super mutant, and a picture of all the finished minis in my collection so far:

Let me know what you all think! Any feedback or tips is always appreciated :slight_smile:


Amazing work, thank you for sharing!!!

Im looking forward to seeing more from you, and hope to get paint on my own pieces soon.

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Thanks! I’ve still got a few minis to paint (mostly the starter set ones I haven’t yet done, X6-88, and the Frontline Knights set that’s waiting on a replacement arm) though I’m not a fast painter by any definition. I’ll be sure to upload them as I go along :slight_smile:

If you’ve got any questions about how I painted mine feel free to ask, and I look forward to seeing you post yours once you’ve got some paint on them!

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I feel we have a similar style, so I’m sure I’ll have questions.

I much prefer the more realistic tones over the brighter ones I have seen some painters do. (Not here) those tend to look cartoony to me.

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Yeah that’s my personal preference as well, glad it came across as such! Of course that’s one of the great things about painting miniatures, people can use whatever their favourite style is, there’s no right or wrong way to do it

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Exactly! It’s art, so it’s interpretive and different for everyone. All about piecing together what techniques work for you.

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Your stuff looks great. Especially love your Protectron mod!

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Thanks! He’s actually a 3D print of Mr Takahashi’s files from in game, ordered from Shapeways a while back (although it’s rather pricey, so haven’t tried printing any of the other files I extracted). I’ve been wondering about using some greenstuff to make changes to the protectron minis if I ever got some though, there’s some really cool versions in the game :slight_smile:

I think the robot I most want to do is Ironsides, But Takahashi is up there too. I actually have an ED-E started, but it’s just a simple mod of one of the official model.

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Ironsides was brilliant, it’d be a great project to try and make the whole robotic crew! I’m hoping to try and use plasticard/epoxy to make Takahashi’s shack (if I can find anywhere to store it anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ).

You should definitely post pictures of ED-E once you’ve finished it :slight_smile:


I’ve thought the same. I kind of hope that they opt to do a little campaign box related to Ironsides and crew even though I know it’s unlikely. They could do the ship through Battlesystems, Add Ironsides and a half dozen crew members, bunch of cards to convert settlers and raiders into the people trying to raid the ship for parts. With the popularity of the game so far, I really hope that they opt to do a set of Mr Handy models that are in disrepair too.

Will do, I’ve been trying to share my work as it’s done (Slow as it is.) and I’ll be sure to share the pictures once it’s all finished.

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More super mutants! I received a set of the pvc starter miniatures along with the resin ones I’d ordered, and was originally thinking about giving them away to someone to try and get them into the game. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anyone else into tabletop gaming except for a mate who only comes down a couple of times a year, so I figured I’d keep 'em and use them in single player matches.

However, I didn’t want to have duplicates of the mutants I’d already painted, so I had a go at converting them slightly to mix up the appearances a bit :slight_smile:

For the aviator, I simply cut off the gun in his right hand and sculpted a pointing finger instead, and then cut his left arm off in a wedge shape so I could sculpt a new elbow for him and reattach it at a different angle. The brute received a board cut from plasticard (with an attempt at carving wood grain into it), some chain around his left arm, and a head taken from the other super mutant with a new neck sculpted from greenstuff.

I confess I wasn’t as much of a stickler for the details as I was with the resin ones, as while I think having the pvc option is a great idea (I imagine it’s a lot easier for Fallout fans who have never tried tabletop games before), I much prefer the resin personally. I still wanted them to be a decent enough tabletop standard that they wouldn’t stick out compared to the others though, and hopefully they fit in well enough as a group!

Another picture of the resin aviator just to finish off:


Also just realised I didn’t really include any pictures of Cait in my original post, so here she is if anyone’s interested:


Nice work on the conversions!

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Thanks! I didn’t want to spend too long trying to change them completely, but I still wanted them to at least not be obviously based on the same pose when in a group together (same reason for adjusting the arm on the T-60 above). I’m quite pleased with how they’ve come out :slight_smile:

Great stuff Alaiteir! Really love your work, especially your weathering effects and super mutant skin. Very jelly of your resin starter set minis :slight_smile:

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Thankyou! I managed to get the resin starter set as I was one of the people who pre-ordered back near the start of last year, so even if it took longer than expected to ship it was worth the wait. Happy to try and share the painting techniques I used if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

Haven’t had the time to do much painting recently, and won’t necessarily have much chance for another week or so, so I thought I’d post a few more pics of minis I’ve done so far if people like them :slight_smile:

Haven’t got a model of the Prydwen, but will a Heli-carrier suffice as a stand-in?


They look great, makes me want to paint more of mine :slight_smile:

Although, seeing the helicarrier makes me want to build the Prydwen in scale now. Luckily, I don’t have the space or that would be the next year or two of my hobby :grin:

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Haha, I made the helicarrier as a way to practice scratch building techniques, I’d love to try and use them to make a 1:50 scale Prydwen. I doubt the other people in my flat would appreciate me taking up the kitchen with something that size though :stuck_out_tongue:

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