Damon's painting attempt

First run at my models on a couple of slow days at work. Still some work to do on survivors, and the bases of course.

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Looking good! What paint range are you using? I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to paint my super mutant skin.

Wry nice! How did you the pvc figures taking the paint?

Looking good!

Keep up the good work!:call_me_hand:

I have a primer I use so that it does much better holding paint. Though I was half paying attention and accidentally bought one for use with an airbrush, which I don’t have. But it ended up working in the end

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I have a green I use for my Gremlins in Malifaux. Didn’t like it after doing the 2 hounds with it, so I went out and bought a new green, which is what’s on all of them now.

That’s their skin. Plus a brown wash to make them look dirty

I was doing a little painting with my kids a while ago and you REALLY need to prime these. They didn’t want to take paint at all. Not a big deal with you’ve got a couple of six year olds doing the painting, but for anyone else they need to be primed. :wink:

I sprayed the resin figures with clear matt varnish after prepping them.

They took the paint ok then but my concern is longevity, and whether or not the paint will have it :slight_smile: