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Banquos Waste-Wonderland

Hello together.

I may not be a regular painter and a even less frequent poster, but I’m a big Fallout nerd and I want to show you some of the things I’m currently passionate about.

Have been collecting the miniatures ever since the beginning, but only started painting them recently. Today I’ve also, for the first time, used magnets to enhance a model. The result is not as clean as I hoped it to be, but please see for yourself:

I might as well go ahead and show the radscorpions as well. Run Dogmeat, run!

Next up is the minuteman posse, which is almost done.


“Dogmeat found an enemy” :grinning: Those look really good :+1:

I planned on doing the same thing to the X-01 I’m just waiting for some magnets to be delivered!

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Would be so awesome if Modiphius were able to release faction head packs where you could just get a second head for all the characters and do the magnetized power armor thing.

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I love the way you’ve done the radscorpions, their carapaces have come out really well!

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Today was a bad day.
I had a problem with one minuteman whose color would constantly peel off the base and the prominent parts of his shoes.

So after finishing that very minuteman I decide to try out that new protective varnish spray on my entire minuteman posse and Dogmeat, without testing it first.

Turns out the spray works fine and the varnish is so strong it could probably resist nuclear fallout, but now my minutemen look like shiny and polished toysoldiers and it sucks.

Got myself a few glowing ones it seems…

Non-shiny Preston for comparison.

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That’s a shame :frowning: Might be worth getting a matte varnish instead of a gloss one, but yeah it’s always worth testing something like that on a bit of sprue first. Otherwise they look really good though, Preston especially!

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Thanks, I might try cleaning them and I’m already looking for an alternative varnish. When I bought that one I was only looking for the most powerful protection.

I’ve used testers dull coat over gloss before and it took the shine right off. You could give that a try, Dull Coat is awesome stuff.

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Thanks dude, I really appreciate your input!

I found a small, years-old bottle of Army Painter matt varnish and it appears to be working! No idea how, it’s marvellous stuff!

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It’s quite a common trick to first varnish with a gloss varnish (for protection), then with a matt varnish (which somehow manages to “dull-down” the gloss).
To the point that was actually a name for the technique, which eludes me right at this moment…

Just came across this video and thought of this thread again, seems to have some useful tips about varnishing :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I had no idea how long you need to let the minis dry between coatings. I will also warm the cans from now on.

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This time I’ve been working on a some smaller terrain pieces. It’s the first time I used sticks for trees and I’m very pleased with how they turned out:

With the molerats coming soon, I had the Idea to create some molerathills. Nothing fancy, but I’m looking forward to using them in my games! :grin:
Also, the finally matt minutemen (I got one mini twice, I know):

And here’s how it looks when you put it together:


Looking good! :slight_smile:

You might have a duplicate but they are painted up with different enough colour schemes that it shouldn’t be that noticeable, unless they are stood next to each other!

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Glad you managed to fix the shiny minutemen!

The mole rat holes and trees look great as well :slight_smile: What did you use for the leaves on the bushes at the base of them?

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Thank you both!
The bushes are like that, right out of the box!

I saw them recently and wanted to give it a try. You can find the bushes here:

The Preview isn’t entirely accurate though. They come in blocks like this and you need to rip and shape your own bushes. But that was easy.


Green stuff world are rapidly becoming one of my favourite companies, my wallet is going to be less than impressed though :wink:

Ooh, I hadn’t realised GSW sold that sort of stuff. I’ll have to remember that!

Liberty Prime arrived! Took a good 2-3 hours for cleaning and glueing. It’s massive!

The individual parts so you can have a look:

Cleaning was fairly easy. I had the impression that the resin was slightly different. A bit harder and heavier, but I could be imagining things. However there were a few annoying leftovers in crucial spots that were hard to remove:

I glued the entire “mini”, but not to the base, so it’s easier to transport. Some people might not want to glue the arms either, but putting pins in the feet was tedious fiddling so I left it at that. Another small issue is that the base doesn’t hold with pins only, because it’s very heavy. So when playing you can’t lift Prime without holding the base.
In the end I might still glue him to the base, because I’m afraid someone might knock him off the table.

I going to prime him (pun intended) once the molerats and ghouls arrive. :grin:


Thank you for the pictures! I’ve been wondering what each piece would be, only surprise I see is the bomb hand.

The model looks really great. Going to be fun seeing it all painted up.

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