The Wubbulous World of Alxraven’s Painted Stuff

Ok so I finally managed to squeeze out time to post my stuff.

I’ve been rotating through painting my various games in chunks at a time, so it’s taken me a bit to circle around to Fallout, unfortunately. But I finically managed to get there.

I’ll stick with just finished shots, unless folks want to see the works in progress.

I decided to start with the Super Mutant Faction, along with a couple others. Mostly because I had the primers ready to go.

The hounds were the easiest (less detailed), so they finished first.

I used Army Painter’s Army Green primer. Then did an assortment of greens for each, to slightly vary the skin tones. AP’s Commando Green made a good dry brush over the Army Green. A 50/50 mix of Necrotic Flesh and Poisonous Cloud is that lightest dry brush you see above. Done over a base coat of the Commando Green.

The teeth and claws are Skeleton Bone, while the gums are done with Toxic Boils.

Once painted and dry brushed, I finished them off with a coat of Military Shader for the greens. This is a more drab green wash then their usual Green Tone, so it keeps the brightness down. Red Tone was used for the gums, then the Flesh Wash was done over the whole figure (minus the base of course). I used to be hesitant to use the Flesh Wash on anything other than human skin tones, but I have found it works well on most any color. It’s a light brown, with some reddish tints to it that add a nice bit of warmth.

I’m semi happy with the base, but feel I could have done better. It’s my first time working with anything other than a flat base.

Super Mutants, Zetan, my two Brothers in Power Armor, and the Deathclaw (Power Armor and Deathclaw primed in black) are in various stages of completion. So you should hopefully be seeing them soon.


very fine and authentic looking hounds!
waiting for others models :slight_smile:

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Good looking stuff!

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The Deathclaw and Zetan are pretty much done. zetan needs a final wash, and they both need the rims painted. Trouble is deciding what color to go with. I want to color-code them like I’ve seen other mention. Super Mutant will all be getting green trim, for example.

I guess it’s really the Zetan that’s throwing it off. I Just had to go look to confirm he’s classified as a “creature”. Thinking Brown or Red.


Color for the Alien base is something I’ve been thinking about as well.

Not sure if it will help you or not, but here’s what I’ve been planning:

Creatures: Brown
Robots: Pewter Gray
BoS: Gunmetal Gray
Super Mutants: Green
Survivors: ??? (Thinking about either Blue or Red, but not decided yet. Leaning toward Blue.)
Institute: Orange
Enclave: Yellow
Raiders: Black
Zetans: Either White (Like their uniforms) or Fluorescent Green (The color of their blood.)

Vault Tec: Blue (If I choose to do this, then I’ll likely do Red for Survivors.)
Minutemen: Tan

With the sub-factions like Vault Tec, Minutemen, any of the Raider gangs, etc, I’m debating on if I want to do their own colors, or have a base color then do a small bar of another color to distinguish them, or if I simply want to leave everyone the core factions color. Example: Say I choose to do Blue for Survivors, Vault Tec characters would get a little yellow bar at the front of the base, Minutemen would get a tan one, etc.

Not sure if that helps at all, but that’s what I’ve been thinking about doing with it.


Looks like a good list. I might change a couple around, but I like it!

While Id love to have enough Zetans some day to form their own squad/faction, I don’t know that that’s going to happen. So my options are hope it’ll happen and plan for that, lump them in with creatures just because, or have a “factionless” color for any one-offs.

Totally forgot about sub-factions!! I only have the three cores, and the PVC starter so far. I could see both your options working. Also kinda thinking about variations on the same color for the core and sub-factions too. So Survivors - blue, Vault Tech - different blue, Minutemen - third blue.

Couple more shots of the hounds. I need to work on glare from my painting light now that I’m taking pics from my new desk.


The glare works well with the Mutant Hounds, . . . just makes them look sweaty. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually have 10 Zetans. Going to do 5-6 with the white space suit, 3-4 with the red like in Fallout 3, and do one with the gold Commander scheme from Fallout 3. I primed them up a few days ago and am pretty excited about getting them painted up.

I figure that sub-factions become a pretty big deal about the time they do Nuka World and start adding the different raider clans. In addition to that, I’ve got a few models I plan to use as Forged raiders. The idea of different shades is interesting. I’ll be keeping that in mind as I move on from the Super Mutants.

You’re right, the factionless might make things a little interesting, I’ll have to mull that over a bit. Granted, I don’t expect that there will be a lot of models that won’t default into one group or another. The Mechanist could work as either Survivor or Robot for example.

Really like what you’ve done with the hounds, they’re looking really good. Do you have any plans for adding anything more to the bases? For mine, I want to add some tufts of grass to a couple, and I resized a “Scooby Snacks” image so I can print it and out it on some card stock so it looks like a box of Scooby Snacks discarded on the ground. Otherwise I don’t have much planned for mine.

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Looking good! I like how they’re slightly different shades of green, makes them stand out more (especially since there are only two different poses of hound)

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Those look great! :slight_smile:
I have to admit, I haven’t thought about colour coding the factions. I’ve just been edging my bases with my normal dark grey. I can see it being useful, I may have to sort out a plan myself…luckily I’ve painted almost none of my haul so it won’t be too hard to go back and adjust :smiley:

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Wow! That’s a lot of Zetans. I can see why you’ll want them grouped as their own faction. Lol. Those could make for some very interesting scenarios.

This is my first foray into anything more than a flat base. I am considering picking up some grass tufts as they seem to add a lot, from what I’ve seen on here. Beyond that, I’m not quite sure what else to do. I love what you plan to do with the Scooby Gang, but I haven’t done anything similar with mine.

Last time I did something like that was turning some of the zombies in Zombicide: Black Plague into Disney Princesses.

If you’re doing the grass tufts, just buying the grass stuff and making your own is really easy, and a lot cheaper in the long run. Drop of glue, pinch of the grass stuff, the glue drying pulls the stuff upright and by the time it finishes drying it looks pretty good. I’ve got a little container of the stuff, I should pull it out and use a little bit of it to show how it looks.

I always liked the Zetans, even in the earliest games you had crashed saucers, and I loved Mothership Zeta. I’d love to see them do a little 4-5 pack of them eventually (One leader, one worker, one attack robot thing, two soldiers.) My original goal was to have five of them, but I bought eight of the starter box (Five for me. Then I snagged the zetan out of the two boxes I sat aside for my kids and the one I picked up for a friend.) and the gentleman I’ve been playing the game with had two starters that he didn’t want, so I got the models for those as well. Been toying with a couple of ideas for scenarios.

With the Scooby Gang thing, I just got to thinking that the Fallout series is full of little jokes like that, especially the first two games in the series that I fell in love with the first time I played. So I want to do a few little things like that eventually. I also found a Ron Pearlman miniature head, and since he’s narrated most of the series, I’m going to do a miniature of him. Not sure exactly WHAT I’m going to do yet, but I’m leaning toward doing a Raider.

The Zombicide game, the miniatures are pretty cheap. I actually plan to do a few of them up as Ghouls. :wink: Doing them as Disney princesses, that’s awesome. One of the ones I most look forward to doing is the guy in the hotdog costume. Going to paint him up as a Glowing One, then do a hotdog stand with some glowing shrooms in it to go with him.


I love the Zetans too. So I’m hoping for an expansion like you mentioned. Or maybe finding some people that do t want theirs for some odd reason. I think and invasion or mothership scenario would be fun!

Love the little jokes too! I’ll probably try something as I pick up extra units, or maybe when I get around to attempting to make terrain. Not sure what yet tho… It looks like I may be moving to Orlando next year, so maybe more Disney related stuff. Find/make some tiny Mickey Ears or something… Awesome find with the Ron Perlman head!!

Zombicide is a great dice chucker game and agree the minis from the modern versions cross over well. Sadly I have the ones for the Fantasy setting. I might be able to use a few as mutations or a new mid-stage Behemoth, but that’s about it. Unless I make a scenario set in an old Renn Faire. Lol

Thanks for the tips on the grass. I’ll have to pick some up and give it a try!

Why I did the extra starters is because you get extra maps (For larger games if you want) extra tokens, extra dice, spare rulebook, and it’s probably the cheapest way to acquire extra models. The fact you get an extra Zetan in the extra starter is just a bonus. :wink:

The Disney theme could be pretty funny. Super Mutant wearing Mickey Mouse ears, . . . . just the thought made me laugh.

I’ve been thinking about doing up a batch of Raiders to look like the main characters from Supernatural too, maybe even doing the car as a terrain piece to go with them.

As for the Ron Pearlman head, I found that through the same place I got the motorcycles the other day. Mad Robot Miniatures. It’s a “Sons of Anarchy” themed head set (The set is called: Personalities 3 Sons of Chaos) and one of them is Ron Pearlman. I think I’ll find uses for all of the heads in the set though.

Never actually played Zombicide, but have a few of the miniatures. Keep meaning to give it a try.

Let me know when you give it a shot, if you play modern setting there is a “house rule” that pretty much everyone plays with that helps a lot. Was so popular they added it to the other settings later.

The heroes from modern zombicide might also make good survivors and/or raiders too. And if you can find them cheap, they did KS exclusives that are “inspired by” pop culture characters. I might actually have some spare ones I could send you since they don’t match my copy.

Thank you for the offer. If I ever get to pick the game up, I’ll keep the offer in mind. :+1:

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Finished up the Zetan and the Deathclaw.

I did end up going back after these pics were taken and putting another coat of Strong Tone over these bases and the ones for the hounds, to add more grime to the terrain.

The Zetan is an example of watering down the Army Painter washes mentioned in another thread. 50/50 mix here to give some shading without ruining the white of the jumpsuit. (Beside that spot behind the knee I have to fix…)

Power Armored brothers are almost done and the Super Mutants are about 50% there…


Your Deathclas looks amazing. Very nice.

I like the Zetan. The watered down wash has a nice subtle effect. What shade of red did you use for the model? It looks just a little on the light side of red, but it could very easily be the lighting.

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Yeah I’m pretty happy with the Deathclaw, and he was surprisingly easier to paint than I thought he would be.

I believe that’s AP’s Pure Red on the Zetan, including the base, with their red wash over it before the final wash. The blaster is AP’s Chaotic Red. In hindsight, I probably should have gone with Dragon Red for the suit instead. And your reference picture made me realize I missed the blue on the chest piece…:man_facepalming:t2:

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Happens to us all. At least the blue on the chest piece will be easy to remedy if you decide to.

I’ll take your advice and use Dragon Red for the suit when I do mine. :wink:

Lol. Glad I could help!!

Here’s another reference shot for you…

The banner is Dragon Red. The trim of the suit is Pure Red, and the blaster is Chaotic Red. The blaster did not get a red wash, the other reds did.