Plastic sets a possibility?

Hello Wastelanders,

we have just started playing Fallout : Wasteland Warfare and it has been a, ahem, nuclear blast, easily swiping most other skirmish games from the table!

Currently our group only owns the PVC starter (I know, I know…but the Resin set was not available anymore) but we are very intent on getting more.

One small issue is that most of us are not overly keen on resin as a mini material (I like metal, but I am very oldschool in that regard and fully accept that this is not a viable option for Fallout).

Yes, we will work with the material but its brittle nature, the precautions and or care necessary when dealing with it and the overall “feel” are not to our particular tastes. Well, no way around it at this point.

Now to my question:

Seeing that Elder Scrolls : A Call to Arms has successfully moved to hard plastic / polystyrene sets I am wondering whether Fallout might offer such sets in the future as well? Has Modiphius at some point said anything about such a possibility? We are just now watching all the old YouTube vids but have not seen all of them :slight_smile:

Many thanks and kind regards


I think it’s a possibility if it goes well.

Although I’ve not had much issues with this resin, there’s quite a few types used in minis so it varies.

Thank you for the reply! I do hope that the plastic kits for Elder Scrolls are somewhat of a pilot project and that we might be seeing plastic kits for Fallout as well.

I think it would help the game as plastic is easier to work with and more common in the hobby but then again the tooling for plastic sets in manufacture is quite expensive…we will see!

In any case I also think that as far as resin goes and as far as I can tell from looking at pictures and unboxings the Fallout resin minis seem to be very fine indeed! Very much looking forward to opening and assembling one of those boxes myself.

I heard they where originally looking to do the institute wave in plastic. Not sure if they didnt think they would sell enough of those kits to make the plastic tooling too expensive or if some part of the engineering made plastic impossible/impractical.

Gotta say the ability to customize weapons and poses that plastic offer would be super cool for fallout.

I absolutely agree in regards to the better customization possibilities offered by plastic kits (they do offer a Resin sprue for minor customization which I think is a nice option)!

That said it would probably take a “big” release to introduce plastic kits for the Fallout range, something along the lines of the future New Vegas releases or even some other releases after that (maybe “classic” Fallout…3, 2 or even 1!).

Another factor are the nice scenic bases which are way easier to do in resin. Whatever option they choose in the end I am very much looking forward to the future releases for this game!