Non-miniature core rules boxed set

It is my understanding that currently, if one wants to get into Fallout Wasteland Warfare with resin miniatures, they still have to buy the Starter Set, which contains plastic miniatures, for the base components (rules, dice, cards, etc.) and then buy the same Starter Set miniatures in resin. Correct?

If so, do you think since Modiphius released Elder Scrolls Call To Arms with the base components separate from the miniature versions that they’ll release a non-miniature base components-only set as well for Fallout WW?

I’m holding out hope since I caught the Fallout WW RPG Expansion will be released later this year as a stand alone boxed set for those interested in the RPG and not WW. It’ll probably contain most of the WW parts except the miniatures rulebook, scenario book, and miniatures, of course. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too much trouble to change the title of the box and swap out the RPG book for the WW rulebook and scenario book to release a non-miniature base set for Fallout WW.

There is an upgrade option for the starter set to get resin if you prefer, but it costs more.

I think all of us hope that we get an updated rulebook with one of their teased campaign boxes.

I may be wrong. I just hit the store page and I don’t see the resin kit offered anymore.

The Core set + resin upgrade still included the PVC but has now been discontinued.

You can of course still buy the resin minis (look for the Resin Collectors Set).

We are looking at a reprint in the future that will not contain models and be updated with FAQ/Errata fixes etc, but I can give no time on that yet as its still a work in progress.

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Very cool to hear that there might be a “rules-only” set in the future as the issue just yesterday came up in our gaming group as well!

I am currently introducing a few people to Fallout and one of the typical questions is “what do I need to play this”?

As I own the starter and a few extra bits and intend to get quite a bit more I can tell them to just buy a Core Box of whatever faction they like, but it would be cool if all the rules / rulers / token stuff could be bought extra for new players as well.

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That’s the hope for sure.

I think I would have to say I definitely like the sound of that. I’m looking forward to getting my starter set - but I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t include any minutemen :’(

Sorry to double post here, but it just occurred to me, what if there were multiple optional starter sets, such as one where some minutemen and raiders go toe to toe with eachother in the tutorial mission or BoS vs. Institute, could be an opportunity to allow new players to start with more of the models they really want.

Multiple starter sets/team ups is a little outside our scope at present (as nice as they would be).

By selling the rules less minis, it means you can pick the faction core (or models) you want and take it from there. It was the path we decided on for Elder Scrolls.

I am overjoyed to learn of this! I will be keeping an eye out for it and it’s definitely going on the pre-order list! :smiley:

Thanks, @Modiphius-Jon