How do the minis compare to the Call to Arms minis?

I’m glad to see the crowdfunding going so well and I’m liking the look of the gameplay from what I have seen on YouTube but I thought I’d christen this section of the forum with a question about the minis.

I saw Chris say in one of the videos that the minis are pre-assembled. Is that true of all the minis? Some of the sculpts appear to be reusing the models from Call to Arms (which makes sense) but in that scenario they came on a sprue.

How does the quality compare to the Call to Arms minis? When I assemble my minis I am a little obsessive about cleaning mould lines and about filling any gaps between the parts but I doubt that a production line can be as fussy.

I’m hoping the minis are closer to the Call to Arms minis than to the PVC minis in the Fallout Wasteland Warfare starter set, which are fine but not a patch on what you have achieved since then. Can anyone give any more detail on this?

I believe they’ll all be pre-assembled PVC in the same manner as the Fallout WW starter set, they just re-used some of the sculpts (and we got to see some new ones). Not to say they’ll be the same standard as those Fallout ones (possibly an upgrade) but they’ll be the same sort of thing.

Though there’s naturally a great deal of potential crossover, these are primarily for the board game and that crowd aren’t typically bothered by mold lines etc. to anything like the extent more wargame hobbyists are.

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They are pre-assembled PVC. They are in the same scale as the Call to Arms miniatures. The detail is going to be good for PVC, but not as crisp and clear as our HIPS or resin miniatures. You’ll see some softening of detail. We’ll do a comparison when we get the minis in hand.



Are we talking the same quality as the PVC minis in the Fallout starter set or has the tooling improved since then?

I was surprised how good the Fallout PVC minis are, especially once you’ve got some paint on them but they are still a mile off the resin minis (especially the New Vegas wave minis, which are absolutely beautiful)

It’s a different company from the Fallout PVCs and is also a hardened version of PVC which should provide better resolution, less bend and less warping of large pieces. I have seem samples of their other work and I am very impressed.

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