Base sizes for various models?

I know I’ve seen mention of this in the past, but for the life of me I can’t find where I’d seen it before.

Does anyone know the base sizes for miniatures in this range off hand?

I actually ordered up a few miniatures earlier today that I hope to use with my armies and they come with square bases. This means I need to order up a few round bases so I’ve got something to put them on.

What I ordered in case anyone is curious:

From Anvil 8 Games:

I have Tov, Riot Grlz, and Rabble coming. A total of 9 models between the three packs. I ordered them through ebay where I was able to find them a little cheaper than the home page.

From Brother Vinni:!/Nuclear-sandlot/c/5965003/offset=0&sort=normal
I have Raider Girl and Nuclear Rascals coming. A total of three models between the two.

And before anyone goes out decides to run out and try buying some of these models, please note:
-I’ve never bought Anvil 8 Games miniatures before. They’re listed as 32mm, but there is sometimes variation between brands. They SHOULD be really close, but one never knows until you have miniatures in hand.
-The Brother Vinni miniatures are 28mm while Fallout Wasteland Warfare is 32mm. What this means is that these models are going to be around chin/mouth tall on an average 32mm miniature. I personally think that’s fine, after all, people come in a wide range of heights, so I don’t mind having a couple of “short” people in my armies. And unless the models are right beside the taller figures, most people don’t even notice the difference.

For the time being, they’re going to function as my Raiders faction until official models come out, at which time I’ll expand my Raiders collection with the official ones.

I’ll be sure to take a couple of pictures when they arrive, and hopefully my Wasteland Warfare orders will be close behind so we can get some proper comparisons between the models.

It’s 30mm for humans and 40mm for super mutants/power armour. Deathclaw, Behemoth, Radacorpion etc. come on larger bases (50 or 60mm)

Edit: Ah, @ch4ncy beat me to it :wink:

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Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

I’ve actually got quite a few extra bases sitting around. Most are square from my Warhammer Fantasy days (Used to be pretty involved with that back in 5th - 6th edition, still play, but haven’t added anything new to my collection in a very long time) but I’ve got a few round bases sitting around, just not enough to know which size to be using for everything without something to compare them to. I kind of suspected that they were going to be 30mm, I’ve only got a couple of those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Might also be worth mentioning-if no one already has…theres a good amount of 32/35mm minis in the wild west exodus range ( ) …good for various extra gangs/scenario characters etc. A LOT of the minis fit the post apocalyptic theme too👍
The Batman miniatures game range(“Batman%20Miniature%20Game”) also has a a variety of different sized models.
Obviously won’t be as good as proper fallout minis,but still worth a look.

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Another one I stumbled across last night was Afterglow Miniatures. Their “Wastelander” range has some models that look really good.

Batman range: Some of the henchmen look like they could be used as raiders, but mostly it was their terrain that caught my eye.

The Wild West Exodus: Looks like there are a few things with some potential. Might be good if you want to build a themed gang.

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I’ll plan to get some comparison shots once I have models. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on some of the white-tree stuff last night. Got the core box, the Trader and the Wasteland Rat 1 models coming.

One nice thing about “people” models is that a little variation isn’t too big of a deal since real people come in all heights and builds. The only concern comes from their equipment and whether or not it looks right compared to similar models.

I’ll plan to take some pictures of the Anvil Eight, Afterglow, and Brother Vinni stuff when they arrive, and if I have some of the official models by then I can even toss Nora in the images to show any scale differences.

I think with what I’ve got coming, that’s going to be my placeholder Raiders army until the official ones come out, then I’ll keep these to add a bit of visual variety to what I can put on the table.

The white-tree models really do look great, I’m seriously considering to buy them. Thanks gor sharing :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. I think it was the two “Thug” models that really sold me on the line.

I was looking at the core/starter box and I figured all seven of the human models would work well for Raiders. The map looks big enough to use for Fallout. And the loot tokens look good too.

And who knows, . . . maybe the game is worth playing too. :stuck_out_tongue: