Where to get terrain/cover objects?

Hello all,

Just bought the game and I’m excited to play it. This is the first miniature game I have ever had so I don’t have anything to use for terrain/cover. I’m wondering what do you guys use? I went to my local tabletop gaming store and all they had was Warhammer 40k stuff which is 28mm. The guy at the store suggested I look at some train model stuff so I went to a hobby store but everything seemed like it would be to small and I didn’t find anything that would really fit.

I found some nice sets for cover on eBay but they are all 28mm. Do you guys just use 28mm stuff? Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

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28mm stuff should be fine. Most Warhammer type games are 28mm “heroic” which is a bit bigger. If you look for rail road stuff you want to get O gauge not HO. HO is more common and cheaper but way to small.
Fallout is my first skirmish game too, at least it’s more forgiving since its a wasteland. You can take a coke can and Popsicle sticks and make something that looks cool.


Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah when I went to the hobby store all the stuff I was seeing was HO and looked way too small.

I’ll try buying a cheap 28mm set and see how it looks, and see if I can maybe make some stuff on my own as well.

This is my first miniature game to to be honest I can’t afford a lot of the stuff so I went to Dollar Tree and bought all the supplies I need that made all my own terrain and from doing it my first time it didn’t turn out bad


Another thing to mention about the 0 Gauge Model Train stuff. The trains, buildings, vehicles, those are typically scaled really well for what we want. I have however learned (The hard way) that the people are a bit small compared to 32mm miniatures. They look like a bunch of preteens standing next to adults (I picked up a bag of unpainted figures in the hopes of using them as Mannequins. Still going to use a couple like that, but it’s not going to look nearly as good as I’d hoped.)

I’m sure you’ve seen those Christmas towns that some people set up? Watch for items in those that will work. You might find a park bench, fences, street lamps, or other things that might work well. And for that matter they do the same kind of stuff for Halloween as well, so you can find more gothic themed items that way. I’ve got some really nice fencing , some rickety old iron fencing, that I got that way.

Not sure if you have a Menards hardware store near where you live, but they actually have a bit of 0 Gauge stuff including some WWII Military themed train cars which look really nice, and some vehicles and buildings. Might be worth a look if you’re near one.

Keep in mind also that some kinds of terrain don’t have to scale as well as others. Things like rivers, rocky places, plant life, and even fencing, will often work fairly well no matter it’s size. Find a tree that’s too small, it’s a sapling. Find a tree that’s too big, it’s old growth. Short fence, it’s something that lines a small yard, bigger fence, that becomes a privacy fence or something imposing to keep people out.

Most important thing though, as with any hobby that is hands on like this, just have fun with it.


Hey that all looks really good! Im going to have to get my girlfriend to help me makes some little buildings and stuff like that. Thanks for the ideas! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all these suggestions, definitely gives me some things to look out for. I checked and unfortunately no Menards in my area though :frowning:

MDF terrain is also a reasonbly inexpensive way to get a lot of stuff on the table. There are a lot of sets and manufacturers out there. Here are a few I use myself:

A wide selection of different sets, from small scatter terrain to the huge and highly impressive Galaxy Building. Their resin scenery stuff is also really useful.

Multiverse Gaming
Check out their Vault Builder line of sets.

The Retro Americana line in particular has some really useful sets.

Knights of Dice
The Sentry City line is worth a look, especially the Aftermath and Water Front subcategories.

Their Homeland Apocalypse and World at War - Historical lines are really useful. I absolutely love their Ruins of Stalingrad sets.
And the best part about the 4Ground sets: Unlike the other sets I mentioned, 4Ground sets are already fully colored - just assemble them and they’re ready to go.


Looks like i know where my Christmas bonus is going. That multiverse Gaming stuff looks great.

Those are some awesome sets. I especially love the the sarissa retro Americana line. Everything in it seems like it was made for fallout specifically. I really want that billboard.

TT combat stuff is good, they keep expanding their range with stuff that seems designed for FWW currently. I’ve got the ruined coffee shop and dino gas stop which are nice sets and they have an cool extra with the gas stop:

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Has anyone had any experience with World War Gaming products? They have some interesting looking industrial buildings and catwalks on Amazon I was considering picking up.

Just yesterday,I assembled this piece by War World Gaming:

The tank is resin and 4 pieces, the rest is MDF.
It’s a nice kit and fairly easy to put together. The MDF pieces are already painted, the resin is not. You also get more pieces of railing than you need - which was a bit confusing at first since there are no instructions provided with the kit nor are there any on their site. Not that big a deal with a small kit like this, but if the bigger kits also lack instructions, I can see that becoming a bit of an annoyance.

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The small Christmas trees are perfect. I just striped them down with hot water and ground up reindeer moss from dollar tree and glued it on…yurns out pretty solid…only thing is if the setting of your wasteland fits those types of trees really

Thank you! It’s reassuring to see someone else is happy with the product. (Aside from the instructions)

Did somebody already try the 4Ground stuff for their FWW gaming tables, especially the damaged diner and/ or houses from the Homeland Apocalypse line? I’m thinking about buying some of these since I’m not really patient enough for painting terrain tbh.
I’m not sure if the buidlings are big enough, but I tried to compare some of my miniatures with the terrain I already own and I think it looked good.

Another one to check out is Blacksite studio. They’ve got an “ark” line (which is pretty much a build your own vault) and the pictures on their site use Fallout miniatures to show scale. They’re pre-painted and ship from the U.S. I haven’t picked any of them up yet, but I’m leaning that way if I run a vault exploration campaign.

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All terrain pieces are from TT Combat :+1:

One of other potential cheap sources are 1/35 scale models. While not 100% to scale with FOWW’s 32mm scale you can do wonders with them. This was made with 3 models + some accesories! (minus the billboard)