What are people planning to do for terrain?

Obviously Modiphius has a great Scenic set with their first wave, and I openly admit that I’ve got three of the scenic set coming, so I’m going to have quite a bit to play around with, but I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time looking into other potential terrain pieces for the game since I enjoy having quite a bit of visual diversity on my table.

I thought it may be fun to share some of the alternate terrain I’ve found, and see if anyone else has some alternate sources for terrain.

These are the same guys who are apparently making the Red Rocket Truck Stop, and Moriphius has mentioned that their terrain is intended to be completely compatible. I ordered the Shanty Town set along with a few of the smaller scatter sets (Furniture, Street Items, Mixed Scatter.) and having built about half of it now, I can say this: Be careful removing items from their sheets and take your time putting them together. Overall they look pretty good and I look forward to seeing them on my table. The mats are nice (Got one from the Shanty Town set, and ordered a second mat with my order.) and are flexible enough to lay flat without needing to weight them down, (If you ever need to weight down a flat map for ANYTHING, go to your local hardware store and pick up a sheet of plexiglass. Place that on your maps, then any terrain pieces on top of it. Done that with RPGs for years. Works really nice and is surprisingly cheap.) Overall, everything is a decent value, and the scatter items especially seemed to be a good value.

Tabletop Scenics:

I ordered up quite a bit of stuff from these guys. Should be arriving any day. Mostly I ordered their resins, but got a couple of buildings coming as well. Looks like some really top notch stuff. Just be sure to check the scale, some of their stuff isn’t scaled correctly for this. You’re looking for the 28-32mm stuff.

O Guage Model Trains:
No link for this one, there’s a ton of people out there selling model train stuff. Just double check the size. O Gauge is going to be a good fit, anything else is going to be WAY off.
O Guage Model Trains and related terrain should be a perfect fit for 32mm miniatures. I’ve got some old stuff from when I was a kid, and have picked up a couple of additional items. Can get a little spendy, but if you want to do a train yard or similar, there’s some really great stuff available. There’s even a lot of it that’s themed around WWII that will look great on your table.


I haven’t ordered anything from these guys, so I can’t personally vouch for their quality, but if their content on the website is any indication they’re making some really incredible terrain pieces, they also appear to be a bit pricy though.

So, what else have people been looking at for potential terrain? Any good sites I haven’t found yet?


I have a couple of the plasticCraft colored sets and I am fairly happy with them for the price point. Most of the stuff I have access too at my LGS is microart or random GW ■■■■, and your standard homemade clutter terrain.

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I have a bunch of Battle Systems Post Apocalyptic terrain, one set of Shanty Town and City Block. I also have some of the other sets to help build out some different configurations of buildings.

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TTCombat products are just amazing to create fields. It demands some time to design and paint in comparison with PVC or resin sets.

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I’ve ordered some of the TTC stuff as it looks awesome,gets great reviews and is pretty cheap compared to most places.
I will be getting some suburban houses from 4ground to as they are amazing looking-ruined and non ruined mixed into a nice suburban modular terrain piece!

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Had to look up 4ground. Looks like they’ve got some really nice stuff. The shipping containers particularly caught my attention.

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I can attest to the quality of the 4Ground terrain. I recently assembled the three Homeland Apocalypse- Woodbury Rise ruined houses as well as one of the pylon towers. These are beautiful when assembled. Having said that, some assembly required; I’d estimate it took me about 3 hrs per house to completely put together (hard to say for sure, occurred over two days or so for each). Follow the instructions carefully and dry fit before gluing, just like all model work. Once assembled they are already fully painted and look much better than I could (or would want to invest time to) do myself.
I’ve also just ordered both the city block and shanty town sets from Battle Systems, hope to see those arrive in the next few weeks (hopefully well after my F:WW pre-order ships).


The diner by 4Ground is really nice, I think that’s the one that gets my attention most, though some of the other buildings look good too. I’ve been eyeballing the store sets as well. Not sure that I’ll ever pick things up from them, but there’s some really amazing looking items.

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What I picked up from TT Comabt at Gencon. Three multi level buildings for 50$

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Very nice. I just got my order from TT Last night and was very pleased with the contents. Most of what I got was the resins, but I also got the shipping containers you have pictured as well.

Out of curiosity? Did you have any trouble getting the doors out of the board for the shipping containers? For me, the larger pieces snapped out with almost no effort at all, but I ended up using a knife (cut the little break points) to get the doors out because I was concerned I would break them otherwise since they didn’t seem as ready to come out.

The first item I’m having a bit of trouble identifying? Which kit is that, did it come like that, or did you modify the building to look like ruins? At a glance, it looks like it could be a modified police station from their range of buildings. Either way, it looks like it turned out really nice.

Looks like the last one was the “Two Story Suburban House A” and you did a bit of work to it to make it look damaged?

I’m actually hoping to get some pictures of my terrain before too long (Probably once the Fallout miniatures arrive so I can use them to show scale.) I just picked up two more train cars today to go with my terrain as well. Also found a second hand truck (53’ Ford F100 is what the bottom of the truck says. Whatever it is, it looks like a great fit for the setting.) that I’m going to try dirtying up a little so it looks well aged for my tabletop.

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Impudent Mortal makes a great set of “Rust” Terrain that looks the business for settlements and scrounger sites. I have the watch tower, large shack, and small shacks sets and they were easy to build and include transfers to apply rather than paint the buildings. The transfers really sell the idea that these are cobbled together from pieces of scarp metal in a way that would be difficult to achieve just by painting alone.

Terrains4Gamesmake some wonderful ruined city buildings. Got enough to cover a 6x4 table and they are very well built and painted (by Terrains4Games but they can be had in kit form).

Finally and of course, the playmats included in the game can be used as 2D terrain as could many roleplaying game map products. Just pretend those rocks, railings, and junk piles are 3D and all of a sudden the table is teaming with cover :slight_smile:

Cannot include links but your search engines should find both easily.

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I’m keeping it simple for now. I ordered the terrain pack and the Red Rocket set.

I plan to pick up the terrain from wave 2. I’ll probably pick up some of Battle Systems stuff.


@GateKeeper I didn’t have much trouble getting the pieces out, though I cut the connection points on all pieces to avoid tearing or snapping. Ruined a couple kits from another company that way.

No modification on any of those kits. The first is called the Lexington Building. The second is indeed house A, the third is a Damaged Dino bite gass station they don’t seem to even have directions for on their site?

Maybe email them and see if they have any more of the combined kits from Gencon for sale?


I’ve done miniatures for quite a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve worked with the wood models. For the shipping containers, everything but the doors popped out clean with barely any pressure. I ended up using the knife on the doors since a light push didn’t just pop them out like the rest and I wanted to avoid breaking anything.

What I’m actually doing with the shipping containers is gluing the bottom and sides together, then sitting the top in place without gluing. This allows me to remove the top without trouble, add or remove the doors as I see fit during any given game, and still gives the piece quite a bit of stability.

Me and a friend of mine was talking about getting one of the deluxe Dino stations and writing a scenario for the game Basically set up the Red Rocket on one side of a major highway, the Dino on the other, and set up a kind of Romeo & Juliet themed series of encounters where the player can choose which group to side with (Or neither), then work to retrieve the wayward son/daughter and either resolve a long running feud between the two sides, or help shoot up one side of the other. (Basically the two businesses were bitter rivals before the war. The owners of each brought their family to the gas stations and have ever sense used them as personal fuel depots and fortresses for themselves while warring with the other side from one generation to the next.)

Not in a position to pick up any more models at the moment, but the budget should allow for it in a few weeks. I’ll keep in mind what you said about reaching out to them. I’d very much be interested in acquiring some of the ruins themed kits from them if they had them available.


Welcome to mdf terrain then!

I advise cutting them out from the back side of the wood sheet then sand them down with a rasp or file. I use very small amounts of wood glue rather than pva or super glue has a stronger bond. Don’t be afraid to use wood filler on where the joints come together to hide them.

Kinda my basic advice anyway. Hope you have a blast.

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I’ve done a lot of models, just not a lot of terrain. I’ve got more Warhammer Fantasy models than I care to admit, and I’ve got quite a bit of Prodos’ Alien vs Predator line as well. I actually have a good set of really precise files and knives for modeling. As for glue, I’ve always used Super Glue (Lot cheaper than the model stuff, and as close as I can tell it works every bit as well.), and a few years back I tried the “Gel” style super glue, and I REALLY liked that. (Not as messy, stays where you put it, etc.) That said, I had actually planned to use a bit of wood glue for the wooden models, I picked up a fresh bottle of the stuff just earlier today. :smiley:

My biggest challenge with miniatures any more is finding time to do it when I don’t have kids rampaging around the house. I work from home, so if I’m not trying to contain the chaos, I’m trying to work. I’ll get everything built, but I suspect it’s going to be a long while before the paints come out again.

The up side is, one of my kids is taking an interest in art, so I’m kind of hopeful that when he gets a little older, I can turn it into a father-son project.

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I’ve got a small range so far.

  • That’s 10 tree stumps & 1 subway station that I bought.
  • 4 wooden pallets, 4 trip wires, 5 ash piles and a makeshift barricade I’m still trying to decide what to do with that I’ve scratch built.
  • 5 jersey barriers that I’ve made from scraps, I think they were the trim from a Forge world pack.

sorry if this is necroing i have picked up some stuff from ttcombat as well i got 2 sets of the bill boards

and the coffee shop that i plan to convert to a nuka cola lounge with the help of a 3d printed nuka cola sign to replace the included one. and some of those excellent resin vending machines as part of Modiphius is selling

i have also 3d printed a few pieces such as shipping containers, the pictures i have are marked with imperial Aquila but i intend to make some robco/us army/nuka cola/radiation king ones as well.


Very nice! Love the billboards. You say that’s just the TTCombat ones? I have that on my list of things to likely pick up eventually, but they look a lot better than I had imagined. Your printout posters look really good.

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yhea the only difference is the backs i used a bit of modeling putty to keep the board secure but shaped it to look like welding seems, if you have it a bit of brown wash helps them look less printed and blends into the paint work they are a bargain to 4 quid for 2 easy to paint as well just a base coat of gunmetal primer and used small bits of kitchen sponge to dab around burnt umber and a terracotta style colour

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