Ruined brick building and other terrain

A while back I knew I was going to want some terrain to go with the wonderful miniatures Modiphius were making, but I’d never made any before and didn’t want to spend ages on something for it to turn out badly. I decided something relatively small in scope would be best, but I still wanted something big enough to spice up an otherwise bare table. With a budget of a fiver, half a pack of milliput epoxy I had laying around, and some barrels from a previous project, this is what I came up with:

If anyone has any questions (or indeed, any suggestions for improvement) on how I made it feel free to ask, it’s essentially foamboard and plasticard :slight_smile: The bricks were card by hand out of the foamboard, a technique I probably won’t employ again if I can avoid it. The carving itself wasn’t so bad, just took patience, but the paint kept soaking in whenever I tried to undercoat it and was rather frustrating. Still, I think the end result isn’t too bad for a first attempt!

The wooden barricade is made up of plasticard, cut into strips with notches taken out of it to try and make it look like old wood, and the corrugated iron is cardboard from inside an old shoebox (Supermutant for scale)

For the posters on the walls I just popped down to the library and printed off some textures that people had extracted from the game, then painted over some parts to bring out the details before fixing them on


Love it!

I’ve had the same issue with paint soaking in foam board - I feel your pain!

Would love to see any more terrain you come up with. :blush:

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s had that issue!

I’ve started planning another building, something multi-story this time, but I still need to finish the exact plans and then order any materials etc. In the meantime I’ve been planning on using some coffee stirrers for some smaller terrain pieces, I’ll post pictures when they’re done :slight_smile:

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Love it. Could you use a thinned down wash of PVA to seal the foamboard before painting it?

Where is this library of textures? I’ve been looking for some posters myself.

That’s not a bad idea actually, I’ll have to try it next time!

I can’t find the exact one I got them from, but this link seems to have all of them (first half is mostly billboards, with the other posters and so on after that) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link, that is super useful. :+1:

The pva wash worked well to seal my cardboard caravan before painting. I thought I might lose detail but I was pleased with the way it worked out and it took a primer coat well. I would definitely use it again to seal any porous surface.

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I shouldn’t have any trouble with lost detail on foamboard, anything that I want to have much detail on I’ll use a mix of greenstuff and milliput to sculpt. I’ll definitely have to try a pva wash :slight_smile:

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What does mixing greenstuff and milliput do?

Nothing hugely mind blowing, but I heard about it a while back when I was starting out sculpting my own minis. Essentially the mix is something that can be sculpted to have the fine detail and resilience of greenstuff, but it’s harder and can be filed/sanded like milliput. It’s quite useful for sculpting the initial shapes of a miniature (since it doesn’t have that same slight bendiness of cured greenstuff), to which I’ll then add additional details in pure greenstuff :slight_smile:

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I should add that if anyone wants to try it, you need to mix the components of the greenstuff and the components of the milliput separately before you combine each of them. So you mix together the blue and yellow strips of the greenstuff, then you mix together the yellow and grey strips from the milliput, and only then do you combine the greenstuff and milliput :slight_smile:


Please tell me you’re not actually buying GW greenstuff, and you’re just calling what you use “Greenstuff” out of habit…

I use actual green stuff, because I personally prefer it to others I’ve tried, but I buy it from here (€10 for nearly a metre of it)

OK, GW’s price gouging was exactly my point.