Homemade Buildings - Military Bunker and more

Hi all, wanted to show everyone the easy bunker I made for the game, its amazing what can be done with “garbage”. Other buildings i will show when i finish them.

I started with a piece of Styrofoam that i pulled out of a box (my Nuke Dark shipment actually!) I liked the look of it it kinda felt like a military bunker slowly sinking into the earth…

I cored out the inside with my hobby knife in order to make it usable as an actual space and carved out the door way. A good coat or two of grey paint from the hardware store and then some dirty brown wash on the edges to give the weathered look.

I used an old gift card for the base of the door and trimmed it to size. Added some Popsicle sticks for the reinforcement bars. Some silver paint and another dark wash and I have a removable door. I used a miniature 6 sided die (old school Warhammer set), glued it at chest/head height of a unit, used some modeling clay to shape the frame and painted it up with more silvers and greys and wash. The screen was a dark green with yellow dots and a dollop of glue to give the “wet” look. Some moss from the Hobby store as a finishing touch.


A little scale use. Its surprising how many usable pieces of terrain you can get from the “fairy garden” corner of the hobby shop, the bridge here was under $10

I’m working on a factory front now, also based from Styrofoam. Anyone else have ideas for uses of things we would normally toss in the garbage?


Thanks for sharing!

Being on a limited budget, it’s always nice to see cheaper alternatives to terrain. I have a few pieces of styrofoam laying around that I hope to turn into something, even if it’s just breaking it apart for rock formations.

On a slightly unrelated note, I noticed the water mat in the picture above. I have been considering picking this same set up off of Amazon, as it would work for multiple games I have. Have you been happy with it? Worth the cost?

Nice job,with all the mfg making houses now it seems like bashing has become a lost art.

The hardware store can be an amazing place. The blue plastic switch and junction boxes for home wiring make great bunkers with the addition of trim and add-on items to break up the smooth plastic look. You can also find housing and stuff looking in the plastic gutter section.

I’ve made landing pads before out of an old turntable, a statue base / courtyard centerpiece for Frostgrave from plastic molded packaging, storage containers from tin cans. The list goes on.

Absolutely worth it. enough pieces for a decent sized space, the material is pretty solid and it looks good. carrying case is way over sized so i am considering picking up more and carrying them all in the same case.

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@khorsa_the_dark I have heard of using the junction boxes before, is the scale right for it? I saw a big Styrofoam piece from the box for a slow cooker…if it wasn’t for the hole in the middle it could have made a pretty decent Zetan craft.

I’d never made terrain before, but since getting my stuff at the end of August I have been with a similar aim to keep it thematic by mostly using junk items.


Awesome stuff!

Thanks! I’m jealous of your bunker. I’d also kept eyeballing some of the fairy glen type stuff, but have been unsure of the scale. I keep meaning to take a measuring tape next time I get out to the crafts store.

For some of the stuff the scale is perfect. Not sure of the benches and junk. But I intend to get a couple more bridges at the minimum. Make a “delta” mission with survivors and brotherhood fighting into a fortified area full of super mutants.