Shack terrain by Steve

Working on some shacks. I was going to build a frame and put a skin of cardbord and craftsticks, but decided to build a structure of foamcore to cover.

This is the cut out parts. I made templates on my computer and used those to dut the pieces.

Glued up and clamped with rubber bands and weights.

Dried with and withoutout the roof. Im leaving the roof loose so I can take it off during games abd use the interior for cover.

More to come.


Nice! I’ll probably be doing a lot of homemade terrain myself to save costs.

I was thinking about getting corrugated craft paper and hitting it with some metallic paint for walls. But seeing your shack I might build something like that and then line it with the paper.

Further work on tge shack prototype.

The covering from the front.

The interior, I’m planning on making the walls look like they’re covered with cardboard.


Ahhhh cardboard… Great idea for corrugated surfaces!

Looks like you’re using 1/4" / 6mm foam-core, correct?
Does anyone have an idea on the thickness of MDF by companies like “Battle Systems”, etc?

I’d shelter from a rad storm in that any day.

Hythos, correct, although it won’t be seen when I’m done. I believe the terrain manufacturers are usin 1/8th MDF. I know that’s what they used on the diner I have.

My wife works at a major discount department store and they get displays made of cardboard, but its only skinned on one side. The corrigations are exposed on the other. Makes this technique a joy nit having to peel one side…and I have tons of it.

That’s awesome! Even one-sided, I’m sure it’s more sturdy than the corrugated craft paper I was thinking of. (To avoid aforementioned peeling)

Digging it man I’m going to make something similar tomarrow, hopefully, I’m going to try and make it look like its made of pallets

The interior is lined with bits of boxes. Designed on my computer and orinted and then cut into little pieces.

20181026_140845_Burst01 ![20181026_140857_Burst01|281x499](upload://9XDDHu6X1KN1qxRvM42ydwCexu p.jpeg)

The exterior assembled and awaiting drying and painting.


Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done. Fantastic work.

Thank you.

Man I love the interior I am curious though are you going to make it where the roof can just come off so that way you have the top down View?

Yes, the top is removable. I’ve decided all mt terrain will have removable tops.

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Completed and painted shack.

Top is removable

Notice the logo on the top bit of cardboard. Bethesda boxes are mixed in there too.


Underside of the top.



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There are a couple of Bethesda logos on the boxes too.

Awesome work Steve. I’ve been using foam and card to make stuff too. :smiley:

Thank you SHD

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