Fist time making terrain pieces

This is my first time creating any sort of terrain pieces, hell this is the first game I played that is tabletop wargaming. But I don’t think they turned out too bad unfortunately I don’t actually own the paint to paint the scrap pile and the hell I don’t even know if I can after I already put it in there it seems like it would be hard any tips would help


Looking good so far

To paint the scrap you want to base it with an acrylic paint probably black first to act as a base for metalics.

Spraying I think is out as an option at this point, so it’s probably a case of buy the paint of your preference and apply with a brush.

Hell yeah thanks man. I figured I went a little to far lol

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What did you use for the scrap? I can tell the cardboard and what looks like maybe thin balsa wood. The wood on the ground looks kinda like wooden match sticks, which I would guess would be cheap to get in quantity. And be a good size

I bought the wooden sticks in the crafting isle at walmart, 500 for like 4 bucks. And the tubes are coffee stirrers.

Cool. Thanks!

This is my first attempt at a shanty town house



Looks good!


Your first attempts are so much better than mine.


Don’t sell yourself short. They look good to me!

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No one is a master straight out the gate, those are good mate.

Only way to get good at anything is to give it a go.


So these are the pieces I’ve made so far in this is kind of like a mock settlement for me… All of this is unpainted cuz I haven’t even attempted to paint much and I’m nervous about it LOL


Dude your first attempt will suck, your second will be better and third even more so.

Thing with painting is as long as you don’t slop paint on too thickly and destroy details nothing stops you going back and improving what you did before.

And you have People willing to give you any tips and help they can on these forums.


I am in love with all of these pieces. And like hobojesus said, you can always repaint if needed, so don’t worry about that step too much.


You did a great work with all these buildings , they look very good…do not leave them unpainted ! Look at simple technique like dry brushing,weathering with pigments and washes, you can have quickly some good results :wink:

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The key is to just do it, and don’t get disheartened if half way through its not how you imagined because that’s how everyone of us has felt at some point.

No piece of art is ever truly finished, I have a lead Bjorn the fel handed from 1994 when I started 40k, every few years I’ll go back and update his paint job to keep him current.


Thanks for the advice fellas…i have watched some vids and I think in gonna try soon…i appreciate this community so far wargaming people so far have been cool as hell

Also, don’t think you have to do every step. Or do everything the way you see in a video. Do what you’re comfortable with and what makes sense to you. Painting is an art, so it’s rare to find two exact same styles and processes. Beg borrow and steal from those that came before. Then pass what you learned on to the next person.

In the end there’s only one question that matters. Are YOU happy with it?


Those are ace! Great job! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get some paint on them. Paint hides a multitude of issues. Some of the things you may personally not like now won’t even be noticeable afterwards, and like everyone has said, you can always tweak the paint job later as you learn more or get more experienced. Just don’t quit! :):grinning:

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