Cracked Roads Tutorials

Hi all,

I thought id come say hi on the new forums. I’d mainly been active on the facebook group whilst these were being built… guess im a bit late.

Anyway, a few folks over on the facebook page suggested that the folks here may be interested in my building and painting tutorials so apologising for the self-promotion thought id link my youtube where they are hosted


3rd to sub :slight_smile:

That is very helpful, thank you! I guess I should give pigments a try now.

pigments are really handy. If i remember il do a tutorial on various uses of pigments

Thank you for sharing! I’ve been thinking about setting up a sort of modular table, doing a set of tiles like that which can be mixed and matched to create a game table. I LOVE how you handled the roads, great work.

The modular tile set from tt combat is perfect for what you want to do. heres a fun shot of two tiles i have together. im happy to answer any questions too :slight_smile:


I just ordered up the 4x4 board set from them. I’d been thinking really hard about picking it up anyway, this was the tipping point for me.

For mine, I think I’ll shoot for something similar for the roads, do some dirt and such. I’ve also been thinking about taking a bit of card stock and building some little dioramas that I can drop on the board as desired

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:
Looking good! Subbed :+1: