New containers and scenery sneak peek

So I recently found out you don’t need an account to browse tags on instagram, and came across this posted by the guy who does the cover minis for F:WW

I’ve been trying to think of ways to scratch build half of this stuff for ages, but was struggling with how to do it to a standard I’d be happy with that wouldn’t take ages. It’s awesome to see that that won’t be needed after all!

I’m assuming the non-scenic bases are just for painting, but I’m curious about what the scenic bases shown there are going to be for…


Great find!

Thanks for sharing!


Were those bases on the scenery bits added by the guy who posted them, or are they a part of the model?

It looks like they may have been temporarily tacked onto the bases to stabilize them during the spray painting.

The round/square bases are indeed just so Adam can paint bits without putting finger marks over them.

As to what the 5 Fallout bases are for… well, we will have to wait and see won’t we :wink:


More terrain pieces for Fallout Wasteland Warfare is always welcome, in my opinion, and I like the look of what I see in that picture. The post box, in particular, stands out for me. It would certainly help to contribute to an abandoned old world settlement. Now if only I could figure out what those three figure bases are for.

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Yeah there’s plenty of generic terrain things already out there or that can be easily scratch built. Having smaller details that are Fallout specific can really anchor it in the setting :smiley:

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