Ulricsons Fallout Escalation

A month ago I started playing Fallout 4 again. After 20 minutes into Wasteland and chill something suddenly appeared to my mind: Wasn’t there some Fallout-Tabletop announced?
After a quick google-search I found F:WW and escalated as usual and ordered about €500-Fallout related stuff from a german webshop, tabed back and shot some raiders.

This topic will be full of pictures of scenery and miniatures I build and paint on the way through the nuclear wasteland.


First, some hills I repainted to match my mat. Models are from Micro Art Studios, called “Crate heaps” I guess. The pictured hills are three different sets.


Here’s a little depot I had a long time half painted. I redid the painting and played with some techniques.
Building is from Tactical Terrain.

Here are some details:



Looking good mate! I wouldn’t mind playing on that terrain, where in Germany do you live? :wink:

Thank’s mate! :wink: I’m from Austria, near Vienna. Our shops don’t sell the resin-version, so I ordered from fantasywelt.de

Here you got some simple but quiet nice baricades from Puppets of War which I had for abbout 7 years. Thanks to my Fallout-hype I finaly painted them :sweat_smile:


Fuel-tanks from Multiverse-gaming. I added a MDF-Base to the terrainpiece so it would be more stable and I could fill one of the gaps under a tank with leaked fluid.

some more details:



Love the tanks! Great paint jobs and love all the leaves etc on them. Keep up the good work🖒

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Here is my latest finished piece: Some shelter for a Wastelandwanderer. Container and furniture is from TTCombat.
Featuring: Me, waiting for my miniatures :laughing:

Here are the usual details:



excellent work i am digging the container it feels like it was pulled directly from one of the games, quick question how did you get your pictures into the collapsible tab

Thanks! That was my intention :smiley:

There is a small :gear:-Symbol (Options) where you can hide details

thanks for the heads up ulricson it will help clean it up my image spam in my own thread

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Some really amazing stuff there!

Out of curiosity, where did you find the skeleton? I’ve been thinking I should find some skeletons for my own tabletop and haven’t found much in the correct size range that actually looks decent.

I also was searching for quiet some time. There are many companies with skeletons in their range but they always have too much Fantasy-stuff on them.
Some guy on FB gave me the hint I should look up Ebob miniatures - Thats the shop I got mine: http://www.ebobminiatures.com/fantasy.html

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Yeah, I’ve seen lots of fantasy, lots of stuff that is too big or too small, or things that are terribly low quality.

The ones you pictured there actually look pretty good and are labeled “Bend to position” which suggests to me that they’re going to be pretty versatile for use. Got them added to my list for when I have a few bucks to toss at hobbies again. Thank you very much for the link, much appreciated!

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This weekend I started painting some TTCombat-Houses. Primed Black, Airbrushed with two shades of grey and hairsprayed the whole thing.

Than the maincolor was added. On the green building left I already scrubbed off the paint to make it look old.


Making some progress with the Grey Harbor Houses. Wallpapers and more filth will be added tomorrow.


They look absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see them finished

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Short update - Decorated the walls with wallpaperstripes. Took more time than I thought it would. Filth and dirt will be added next.


Wallpapers a great touch! Makes it so much more realistic! Cant wait to see more!