Steiney's Fallout Terrain

I was showing this stuff off in another terrain thread, but I must’ve hit my limit of replying. But now everything seems to be sorted out! Thanks mods!

Back in the Fallout 3 / New Vegas era, I didnt have a ruleset, or many options for Miniatures, but I built some Fallout Terrain, mostly from in-game screenshots. I like to use plastic. It’s my favorite medium. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

So, it’s safe to say that I am READY FOR THE MAIL TO ARRIVE!


I know I’ve commented on a couple of these in another thread, but I’ll say it again here:

The soda machines look awesome. You said you had made them from scratch? It’s clear you put a lot of love into them. Here’s hoping Midiphius does a Sunset Sarsaparilla machine as well as the Nuka Cola machine style from the earlier games. Would make a great little bit of terrain for the table.

Love your posters and billboards. I’m guessing you just printed the images and aged them somehow? I’m actually planning to print mine up, dip them in coffee, then sit them on something flat and tip them on end so I get the aged streaking look. How did you accomplish the tearing of the page? Just get it wet and let it dry on something before pealing it off? Or did you do something else?

The store sign looks really good. And the cans on the shelf are a really great touch.

And that’s not to mention the buildings that look perfect.

Really love seeing all your hard work, looks like you’ve got terrain to create a really top notch table.

Would you mind telling us how you did the brick patterns? On my first (and so far only) attempt I inscribed the pattern manually into foamboard, was thinking about using patterned styrene sheet instead for future projects. Whatever method you used looks amazing though!

Pure awesome.
Advertisement boards are outstanding.
Inspirational stuff,thanks for sharing it!

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@Gatekeeper Thank you! Yeah, the machines were scratchbuilt with shapes and layers of Styrene

The newspaper machine master was sadly lost though. I have Silicone molds for the other two.

The Images were found on the Internet and printed on regular paper. Then soaked in really wet white glue, almost liquid, by brush. When the paper is wet, it peels super easy, so you just go with it, in controlled, small tears. The ageing is just lots and lots and lots of coats of various washes to dirty them up. Soaking corners in coffee, may make nice burnt edge look! Always remember to leave contrast with your weathering though. “The Light needs the Dark” - Bob Ross

The Cans are fun. Just used some styrene tubing and a pipe cutter to score the ribbing of the cans

A good friend sculpted and cast the Nuka Cola bottles for me in clear Resin

@ Alaiteir - The Walls are Resin Wall panels from an O Gauge Railroad company called Design Preservation Models. They are not easy to work with. I had to grind the corner pieces at 45 degrees with a belt sander. But they are as sturdy as rock once glued together.

If your question was how I got that white mortar look, it’s because it’s essentially REAL mortar.
I use regular Drywall Mud

When you open the can, the water that seperates from the mix sits on top, use this pre-thinned milky mix.
Dip and rub it into the bricks

Rub it off with a clean, wet, cloth

Rub it off with a clean, dry cloth
@Mushinwolf Thank You!


I love how these forums are already a trove of Ingenuity. Great work man.


Thanks! I mostly looked at screenshots. I’d go in game, take screenshots from different angles, then start bending, cutting, and gluing.

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I wish I had half that talent. The soda machines are really beautiful. Really nice to see the unpainted versions too, it emphasizes just how much work you put into them to make them look the way they do.

Interesting, never would have thought of the watered glue for that, but it makes sense. I may try the coffee staining then do the same after the staining is dry.

I’m going to need to look for the styrene tubing. I have a pipe cutter already. Looks like a good project for some afternoon. What did you use for colors? I was thinking of doing a silver with a gray drybrush and a copper wash.

The bottles are a neat touch too. I’ve actually been looking at model train stuff, and there seems to be a bit of Coca Cola terrain in that size. I was actually eyeballing these earlier today and ended up picking up a few of them.:

Looking closely, I’m hoping that I can get the bottles out of them without damaging them and if I can, I’ll pull the bottles from a couple, half from a couple more, then use them as scatter terrain. I’m going to try painting over the “Coca” and try my hand at “Nuka” on the side of the case. If it turns out, great, if not, then I’ll just paint over it and call it good.

Looks like Design Preservation Models has a lot of Woodland Scenics on the site. I’ve bought Woodland Scenics for Warhammer for years, always happy with their stuff. The modular stuff on the site is pretty neat, might try my hand at putting together my own buildings at some point. Bookmarked. :wink:

My first thought was that you;d done the brick work with a bit of white paint using the same method you used with the mortar and was wondering why mine never turned out quite that good. Now I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, thanks for sharing how you’re doing stuff. I’ve been doing this kind of model work off and on for about 15 years now, and while I only do “Tabletop quality” according to friends who model, it’s always fun to learn new tricks.

That’s awesome, thanks for explaining it!

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Thanks Guys! I whipped up a couple of Junk Fences last night


I love your scratch-built stuff! Thanks for sharing pre-painting pictures as well :slight_smile:

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Got to agree with 51MONSTER2 here, absolutely loving your stuff, and really appreciate seeing unpainted stuff so we can see a bit of the creative process.

wow Steiney your terrain is awesome can’t wait to get my current workload out of the way and i can get back to painting and modeling my own stuff, and gate keeper those miniature bottles do look good shame the delivery cost is nearly 9 times the cost of a case of them i will have to try and source some locally but good call on the o gauge stuff for terrain ideas make me want to get some track parts and make a game board with a damaged train line and carriages

EDIT oh this just gave me a crazy idea o scale people to paint up as creepy shop mannequins i don’t think its truly Bethesda fallout without mannequins placed in odd scenarios


When I ordered, I picked up eight of the crates along with a couple of other items for my table all through the same vendor, so the shipping wasn’t so bad with combined shipping, but yeah, if you were only picking up one or two of them, they’d be pretty expensive.

I’ve actually got some model train cars exactly for that. With as many train yards and tracks you see in the wasteland I figured that setting up a train yard or wreck would be a great themed board. Don’t know if you have a Menards store (It’s kind of the Wal*Mart of the construction and home improvement world) where you’re at, but if you do they usually carry model trains in 0 gauge. (And if not, ask them about it) They’ve actually got a really nice range of military themed model train stuff in addition to the regular stuff. I’ll be taking pictures of all of that once I have the first of my orders so I have something to show scale against for a visual reference.

For the minnequens, check out the unpainted people for the model train stuff, they sell them in big bags fairly cheap. Might be a good place to start your search.

yhea for the people i ordered a bag fairly cheaply from a uk based ebayer as for most train stuff it tends to be either ebay more specialized train enthusiasts shop locally for me i know there is one close by to were i work so il have to pop in on my lunch break and have a chat with them maybe they have something comparable failing that i will have to have a go at green stuffing one and cast some up my self

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. It looks like I need to invent a way of making cement blocks in scale…I’m not sure how many people are going to use this forum if you are limited to three replies per day on your own thread, but that’s why there is a delay.



Not sure why you’d only have three replies. I made a thread last night for my own stuff and immediately made four replies to myself before anyone could post (They seem to limit images, so I had to break things up a bit.) I wonder if it’s an earned privilege? Guess we’d have to ask the powers-that-be to know for sure.

As for your terrain, how’d you get the colors the way you did? It looks absolutely fantastic! Real top notch stuff and you accomplished an amazing aged wood look.

Thanks Gate!

I love painting weathered wood. I started with a black primer, then I painted individual boards with thinned Vallejo Wood, Minitaire Bark for the basecoats. Then I applied washes, light to dark, allowing them to dry OR immediately spraying them down with water to diffuse the color patterns. Vallejo Grey, Vallejo Brown, Vallejo Oiled Earth (same as GW Nuln oil), Vallejo Black. Then Highlight individual boards with their base colors again across the grain (being messy, not covering but 30% of the boards - makes patterns) Then, to add the old grey look to the boards, I slopped on thinned Minitaire Dusty Ground, and then Drybrush and edge highlights with the Two Swiss Army Paints Vallejo Deck Tan and Vallejo Ivory, and a 50/50 mix of the two between. Then I washed with Vallejo brown in spots again and plain water in spots again to diffuse the highlight a bit.

As for the mannequins. I LOVE that idea. I wonder if they could double as the lynched bodies that are usually hung up around Raider camps?

Let’s see what we can do with this O Gauge Railroad building kit…
It lets you choose between two different fronts…I choose to have both :wink:

Both? Going to put one on the front and the other on the back? Or got something else in mind for the building?

Love the piece, it’s going to look great on your table.