Post your Tables!

Let’s see what our corners of the Wastland look like. Post your own terrain painting or anything you like!


Looking good! :slight_smile: Can all your buildings be “unroofed” and entered?

I hope it’s ok to repost my table photos from another thread:



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Obviously will look better on a less green landscape. I have one but was so excited to start playing that I didn’t bother.

Also need suburban buildings for the settlements:

Waiting on someone to come out with nice clip together buildings of ruined suburban homes as the space taken by MDF versions is not worth the use I would get out of them.


I like those last buildings that look like card stock. What company are those from?

My settlement so far. Everything here (except grass mat and hills which are GW and lichen which is woodland scenics) is from 4Ground. No models yet for scale as they have yet to be shipped.


They are MDF covered with adhesive card detail pieces. Impudent Mortal sells them as part of their Rust range. They were easy to build, although one needs a steady hand for the cladding. Thanks.


Yes they can!


@gallowsCalibrator Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: I love the idea of indoor fighting, and some inspiration on how to setup the buildings is always welcome


I’m teaching myself ZBrush making some vault corridors to print for my next table. I love me some indoor fighting too!

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Here’s my table so far. Need more elevation and scatter terrain. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of the creases in the game mat?


Leave them under a dictionary, so far it worked for mines :slight_smile:

Love it!

As for holding the map flatter, I went down to my local hardware store and bought a sheet of plasticard. The stuff is crystal clear and I use it with paper maps all the time (Planning to use it for this as well.) It works nicely as it holds the map flat, and you can take a dry erase marker to make notes or indicate locations of importance on the map with little fuss. Then you can clean it with a damp rag or wet wipe.


Splurging for the neoprene version.
Probably what I will be doing at some point.

This is part of my table. its made out of 6" by 6" tiles and various scatter terrain like barricades. i’ve almost finished another 4 ill upload them when i’m done. i’m also building a diner


Looks very nice! Beautiful details! How will you store these tiles?

i haven’t worked that out yet. i’m thinking pluck foam

Superdupermart table

Nuka quantum objective

That’s MY bus!


id love to see how you did the scrap metal houses they look perfect

I 3D printed the scrapmetal houses.