Rebel’s Terrain Workshop

Had some old unflocked hills so I put a couple coats of magnetic paint down first. Followed this with clear Elmer’s and then flocked the hills with a post apocalyptic mix of small gravel, a dark flock, and some ash fuzz. Hopefully magnets don’t have too hard a time getting through the flocking and glue. More projects to come.


I like that mix for the ground cover, really works well for scabby wasteland growth :slight_smile:
I’ve never used magnetic paint so I’ll be interested in seeing how that works.

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The colour of the ground cover looks brilliant for Fallout, looking forward to seeing your future projects!

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Thanks guys, I’m planning to save the runoff and reuse it for more flocking. My first time using magnetic paint too. Hopefully everything will stay in place better. The real experiment will be seeing if it works on building walls so they can be more modular.

Yeah if you can get magnets to work on making modular buildings that’d be really cool! I’ve never used magnetic paint myself so I’m curious to see how it works for you :slight_smile:

I was chatting a bit about this with the guy I played Fallout WW with today. I mentioned the magnetic paint to him. He mentioned that the biggest concern will likely be making sure that the magnets are fairly strong because with the flocking acting as padding, weaker magnets might not hold very well.

Really excited to see how this turns out. I wish you the best of luck with it, and it should be great to see it in action.

Thanks! Definitely will experiment with different magnets.

Probably won’t use a lot of buildings that can be totally taken apart like legos but smaller wall elements like sinks, food dispensers, pictures, etc means any building can be a bunch of different locations.

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