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New terrain piece

Thought I’d upload a couple of in progress pics of the bridge section terrain piece I’m currently building, as I usually just pist the finished items. I have built the upright as well but it was drying at the time so didn’t include pictures of them.


Awesome looking piece!
What material did you use for the road?
I love how you added the metallic fence to give a more realistic look to it!

It’s a foam board base with a coating of art mache. Found it makes a good surface texture and can be sculpted easily while still slightly wet for carving in cracks, etc.

Gotcha! Thank you! But yeah it looks great and you didba nice job sculpting it. Can’t wait to see how it end up.

Very nice.

A couple more update pictures.


Looks impressive

look awesome :grinning:

Looks amazing. I spent all day yesterday making just about the exact same thing but you blew mine right out of the water. What did you use for the chain link metal rebar thing in the middle?

The central divider? It’s just a piece of foam card folded over. I cut a section out of the middle of it so both sides would fold against each other. Ended up clamping it together till it dried which left marks, was initially worried i"d ruined it, bit think this adds to the bashed up look of the thing.

A few more pictures of the finished road section, just need to do the base! I’ve added the rails to the edge of the uprights, they’re made from wood skewers and card for the uprights and thicker end pieces.


I think they meant the screen or whatever it is inside the road, rebar in our reality. I usually use metal screen (such as for a window) and cut it sideways to get a faux diamond look, but it looks like what you used is diamond style crosshatching.

That is really good finished look, could you post some pics with minis to get an idea of scale? I have to think you did not go with the standard 12" wide roadlanes as that would make it something like a foot and half wide at 1:50 scale?

If it’s that then it’s just some modelling wire mesh I had sitting around, the metal like pieces sticking out of the broken end are painted half cocktail sticks, just have to push them into the foam. I’m planning on putting up some more pictures when I’ve finished the base, I’ll be adding figures and things on for scale when it’s done. It’s approx 9inches wide from memory, working away at the moment so can’t measure it in person right now!

Amazing job, looks really great!

Began work on the base proper.

I’m also building a lift and a couple of small shacks I can add and remove.