Into the Wasteland board

I’m really happy so far with what Modiphius has done with Into the Wasteland. I got straight onto making 6 1ft x 1ft boards.


That’s a great idea! I have some 2’x4’ pieces of quarter inch MDF I’ve been wanting to do something with. I could mount various buildings and ruins so I’m ready for the randomness.
I harvested some election signs last week, I have a bunch of corrugated plastic now, too.

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I was the thinking the same about what to do with this thick board of MDF, then Into the Wasteland came along :smile:
I was going to make set pieces for each board but the environment cards make everything very random so I’ve instead been making more smaller bits of terrain to go on these boards.

That looks a really great idea ! Way of keeping the games different and using the Into the Wasteland system

Hope you don’t mind if I copy it! :grinning:


I thought that was how Modiphius envisaged it :slightly_smiling_face:

Fantastic stuff. That will make it very easy to set-up and also really defines where the playing area is too.

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Great idea. I was thinking about using some tape on my mats :slight_smile:

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