What scale is fallout?

I know it’s 35mm but I’m not sure what scale it is in relation to model cars, I want to get some to add as terrain but don’t want to get something too small.

Using 1/43 model car seems Ok , more thon using 1/48

Officially it’s 32mm scale, not 35mm. A quick internet search shows that’s about 1:50, but a bit either way (ie, 1:48) will look fine. I personally find stuff at scales much larger than that (1:42 was what I tested) looks wrong, but it depends on things like how accurate the manufacturer was and how exact you want it to be :slight_smile:

1:43 scale cars end up looking a little too big, but not unreasonably so.

I also have some 1:48 scale beer bottles that look just a little too small. Going between the two I’d guess the scale is something like 1:46.

Anything made for model railroads you’d be looking at O gauge, which is going to be either 1:43 or 1:48 (it varies).


Cool thanks all.